Marine Armor Protective Enhancement System (APES)

The U.S. Marine Corps adopted a similar system called Armor Protection Enhancement System (APES) around 2004-2005. This one was really uncomfortable and didn’t offer a really good protection. The Oklahoma State University (OSU) Design, Housing and Merchandizing Department led by D.H. Branson developed a full protection system that covers both arms and legs called Quadgard that quickly replaced the APES made by Point Blank Body Armor.

Source: Wikipedia

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Armor, Protection Enhancement System

NSN: 8470-01-521-6682

Assign Date: 2004-02-29




FALLUJAH, Iraq Pfc. Paul J. Spinelli, MK-19 automatic grenade launcher gunner with 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regimen’s Personal Security Detail Platoon, stands behind his vehicle’s gun turret and scans the horizon for terrorist threats. The Easton, Mass. native’s 20-man unit performs missions such as escorting the battalion commander throughout the city, working alongside infantry companies to conduct raids, and patrolling Fallujah’s streets in search of insurgent activity.