Army Parka Type Overcoat, With Pile Liner (“M-1947 Parka”, 1948)

Thursday October 27th, 2022 admin

A.K.A. “M-1947 Parka”, shown one is Army version, size Medium.   Stock Number Reference: Overcoat, Parka Type, With Pile Liner Size – Army Stock Number sheet Size Army Stock Number X-Small 55-O-3139-40 Small 55-O-3139-35 Medium 55-O-3139-30 Large 55-O-3139-25 X-Large 55-O-3139-45 Item provided by G.I.’s friend.

Army Poncho And Liner, Universal Camouflage

Monday October 10th, 2022 admin

Poncho, Universal Camouflage (Description copied from item instruction) Multipurpose ponchos, rain garment and ground sheet, blanket or sleeping bag cover (snap the two long edges together), tent (snap two ponchos together as side walls), floor (third poncho will snap inside tent as a floor), two open tents will go end […]

Improved M-65 Field Jacket/Trousers Liner (CG483)

Friday November 27th, 2020 admin

Improved M-65 Field Jacket/Trousers Liner, can be worn as standalone insulated liner without being attached to the field jacket/trousers. They are parts of ECWCS Gen I.   Jacket Liner Stock Number Reference: Liner, Cold Weather Coat Assign Date: Unknown Size NSN X-Small 8415-00-782-2886 Small 8415-00-782-2887 Medium 8415-00-782-2888 Large 8415-00-782-2889 X-Large […]

ECWCS Gen I Shirt & Coveralls

Saturday October 14th, 2017 admin

Can be used as liner of ECWCS Gen I Parka and Trousers.   Shirt Shirt, Cold Weather, Synthetic Fiber Pile Assign Date: 1986-03-14 Size NSN X-Small 8415-01-228-1353 Small 8415-01-228-1354 Medium 8415-01-228-1355 Large 8415-01-228-1356 X-Large 8415-01-228-1357 Coveralls Coveralls, Bibs, Cold Weather, Synthetic Fiber Pile Assign Date: 1986-03-14 Waist Sz / Inseam […]

[Repost] The Baldwin Articles – Ponchos And Shelters

Wednesday November 30th, 2016 admin

Source: Soldier Systems Daily Author: LTC Terry Baldwin This is about effective tactical shelters that I have used in the field including various military issue ponchos, tarps and the Ecotat Multipurpose System. I recognize that today there are quite a few other potential options available but I’m going to stick […]

M-65 Cold Weather Coat And Trousers Liner

Friday August 26th, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: Liner, Cold Weather, Coat Size NSN Normal Size Assign Date Unknown X-Small 8415-00-782-2886 Small 8415-00-782-2887 Medium 8415-00-782-2888 Large 8415-00-782-2889 X-Large 8415-00-782-2890 Special Size Assign Date 1978-07-08 XS-XS 8415-01-062-0679 S-XS 8415-01-062-0680 M-XS 8415-01-062-0681 Liner, Cold Weather, Trousers Assign Date: Unknown Waist Sz / Inseam Sz Short/Regular Long X-Small […]

M-51 Field Jacket And Trousers (1960s)

Tuesday August 23rd, 2016 admin

Shown one dated 1962.   Stock Number Reference: Coat, Man’s, Field, OG-107, M-1951 Assign Date: Unknown Chest/ Height Short Regular Long X-Small 8405-255-8593 Small 8405-255-8591 8405-255-8590 8405-255-8589 Medium 8405-255-8588 8405-255-8587 8405-255-8586 Large 8405-255-8585 8405-255-8584 8405-255-8583 X-Large 8405-255-8592 Liner, Jacket, Field, M-1951 Assign Date: Unknown Size FSN X-Small 8405-261-6595 Small 8405-261-6593 […]

Woodland Camouflage Poncho Liner

Wednesday June 15th, 2016 admin

It’s NSN inherited from ERDL camouflage Poncho Liner It can be attached to Nylon Poncho, used together as a simple sleep bag.   Stock Number Reference: Liner, Wet Weather Poncho NSN: 8405-00-889-3683 Assing Date: Unknown