ECWCS Gen I Shirt & Coveralls

Saturday October 14th, 2017 admin

Can be used as liner of ECWCS Gen I Parka and Trousers.   Shirt Shirt, Cold Weather, Synthetic Fiber Pile Assign Date: 1986-03-14 Size NSN X-Small 8415-01-228-1353 Small 8415-01-228-1354 Medium 8415-01-228-1355 Large 8415-01-228-1356 X-Large 8415-01-228-1357 Coveralls Coveralls, Bibs, Cold Weather, Synthetic Fiber Pile Assign Date: 1986-03-14 Waist Sz / Inseam […]

[Repost] The Baldwin Articles – Ponchos And Shelters

Wednesday November 30th, 2016 admin

Source: Soldier Systems Daily Author: LTC Terry Baldwin This is about effective tactical shelters that I have used in the field including various military issue ponchos, tarps and the Ecotat Multipurpose System. I recognize that today there are quite a few other potential options available but I’m going to stick […]

M-65 Cold Weather Coat And Trousers Liner

Friday August 26th, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: Liner, Cold Weather, Coat Size NSN Assign Date X-Small 8415-00-782-2886 Unknown Small 8415-00-782-2887 Unknown Medium 8415-00-782-2888 Unknown Large 8415-00-782-2889 Unknown X-Large 8415-00-782-2890 Unknown Size NSN Assign Date XS-XS 8415-01-062-0679 1978-07-08 S-XS 8415-01-062-0680 1978-07-08 M-XS 8415-01-062-0681 1978-07-08 Liner, Cold Weather, Trousers Assign Date: Unknown Waist Sz / Inseam […]

M-51 Field Jacket And Trousers (1960s)

Tuesday August 23rd, 2016 admin

Shown one circa 1961. Stock Number Reference: Coat, Man’s, Field, OG-107, M-1951 Assign Date: Unknown Chest Sz / Height Sz Short Regular Long X-Small 8405-255-8593 Small 8405-255-8591 8405-255-8590 8405-255-8589 Medium 8405-255-8588 8405-255-8587 8405-255-8586 Large 8405-255-8585 8405-255-8584 8405-255-8583 X-Large 8405-255-8592 Liner, Jacket, Field, M-1951 Assign Date: Unknown Size FSN X-Small 8405-261-6595 […]

Woodland Camouflage Poncho Liner

Wednesday June 15th, 2016 admin

It’s NSN inherited from ERDL camouflage Poncho Liner It can be attached to Nylon Poncho, used together as a simple sleep bag.   Stock Number Reference: Liner, Wet Weather Poncho NSN: 8405-00-889-3683 Assing Date: Unknown