SPEAR BALCS Backpack Subsystem


The Bianchi UM21 Backpack System features the latest advancements in state of the art technology. It combines materials, construction, and fit to provide a backpack for the 21st century. This Universal Military Backpack System gives the modern day battlefield warrior the ability to carry required loads over long distances with greater ease and comfort.

UM21 Backpack System (Woodland)


Backpack System

Backpack System

Color Bianchi Item# MCN NSN Assign Date
Woodland 69520 8465-01-F01-0306 8465-01-478-5730 2000-09-19
Desert 69522 8465-01-F01-0497 8465-01-478-5727 2000-09-19

The three main components: Backpack, Patrol Pack, and Butt Pack, have been designed to work together as a system, or can be used independently.

UM21 Backpack Components: Backpack Rucksack, Patrol Pack, Buttpack



Component Specifications

Backpack Rucksack MCN (Woodland) 8465-01-F01-0308
MCN (Desert) 8465-01-F01-0308
NSN (Woodland) 8465-01-478-5725
NSN (Desert) 8465-01-478-5750
Assign Date 2000-09-19
Weight 13 lbs
Load capacity 120 lbs
Top compartment volume 592 cubic inches
Main compartment volume 3042 cubic inches
Sleeping bag compartment volume 1775 cubic inches
Side pockets volume 1692 cubic inches
Patrol pack MCN (Woodland) 8465-01-F01-0309
MCN (Desert) 8465-01-F01-0403
NSN (Woodland) 8465-01-478-5755
NSN (Desert) 8465-01-478-5746
Assign Date 2000-09-19
Weight 6 lbs
Load capability 50 lbs
Volume 1945 cubic inches
Buttpack MCN (Woodland) 8465-01-F01-0310
MCN (Desert) 8465-01-F01-0404
MCN (Black) 8465-01-F01-0401
NSN (Woodland) 8465-01-478-5743
NSN (Desert) 8465-01-478-5740
NSN (Black) 8465-01-478-5739
Assign Date 2000-09-19
Weight 2 lbs
Load capability 20 lbs
Volume 507 cubic inches


Backpack Rucksack

State-of-Art Suspension:

  • Stabilizer Straps: Adjustable shoulder, hip and sternum stabilizers fine tune the suspension.
  • Internal Reinforced Frame Sheet: Provides flexible support and protects your back.
  • Flo-Form II Back Panel: Molded and contoured foam pads provide comfort and support.
  • Flo-Form II Shoulder Harness: Made to wrap comfortably over the shoulders and around the chest.
  • Flo-Form II Waistbelt: Tri-density foam padding hugs your hips without pinching or binding.
  • Adjust-A-Cant Hip Belt: Three different angle settings for proper ride on hips (coin or screwdriver required).
  • Quick Release Compression Straps: Stabilizes the load.

The Backpack is issued with two compression stuff sacks located in the sleeping bag compartment.

Key Features:

  • Quick Release Buckles: allow for emergency release of pack.
  • Rigging Loops: for airborne operations.
  • Antenna Port: accommodates extended antennae.
  • Detachable Side Pockets for additional storage.
  • Raincover Flap protection from the elements with double sided zipper for reach through access to the main pack.
  • Internal Radio Compartment designed into pack for secure transport of radio.
  • Sleeping Bag: Compartment has full zip out panel for easy access.
  • Accessory Lash Straps with quick release buckles for attaching extra gear.

Backpack Rucksack components: Backpack, Detachable Side Pockets, Removable Compression Panel
Quick Release Buckles on the shoulder straps.
Flo-Form II® covered suspension system
IR reflector cover on the top flap.


Patrol Pack

The Patrol Pack is issued with its own storage sack and two compression stuff sacks. When utilizing the entire SPEAR System, the Patrol Pack can be stowed behind the compression flap on the Backpack or attached to compression flap on the Backpack using the buckle system common to each pack.

Key Features:

  • Antenna Ports accommodates extended antenna.
  • Dual Compression Straps for cinching the load.
  • Waist Stabilizer Strap to help stabilize the load.
  • Dual Gear Loops for additional gear.
  • Reinforced Carry Handle.
  • Rigging Loops for airborne operations.
  • Sternum Strap for added stability.
Patrol Pack
Detachable internal radio compartment can be attached into both backpack rucksack and patrol pack



The Butt Pack is issued with a compression stuff sack and offers 3 modes of carry:

  1. Carry Handle
  2. Universal Attachment System
  3. Waistbelt

To remove for independent use, unsnap the two Universal Attachment System straps and use the waistbelt. To reattach the Butt Pack to the Backpack, stow the waistbelt in the pocket provided and reattach it to the Backpack with the Universal Attachment System.

Key Features:

  • Reinforced Carry Handle
  • Dual Compression Straps for cinching the load.
  • Built in two inch Web Waist belt with side wings for added stability.
IR Reflector cover




Item MCN/Part No. NSN Assign Date
Arctic Patrol Pack Cover 8465-01-F01-0400 8465-01-478-5744 2000-09-19
Arctic Backpack Rucksack Cover 8465-01-F01-0399 8465-01-478-5749 2000-09-19
BALCS Fitting Device 124367488 8465-01-478-5754 2000-09-19
Buttpack Stuff Sack 69450BG 8465-01-481-7174 2001-01-22
Patrol Pack Stuff Sack Set (Set of 2) 69460BG 8465-01-481-7191 2001-01-22
Backpack Rucksack Compression Stuff Sack Set (Set of 2) 69470BG 8465-01-481-7195 2001-01-22
The fitting device (from UM21 user manual)