Aircrew Customized TLBV

Thursday August 22nd, 2019 admin

Army Aircrew customized IIFS Tactical Load-Bearing Vest. Left section: HABD pouch and strobe light pouch. Right section: PRC-90 radio pouch and first aid kit / sea water dye marker pouch. Furthermore, lanyard was sewn in every pouch, including those original ones.  

AFH-1 Helicopter Helmet (1968)

Saturday June 8th, 2019 admin

In 1962 the Army began developing an improved version of the APH-5. Combat experience in Vietnam led the Army to develop a flight helmet with better ballistic protection. Introduced in 1965, the new Anti-fragmentation Flight Helmet, or AFH-1, was fielded. Whereas the APH-5 was standard issue throughout the Army, the […]

MC-140 Helicopter Helmet

Monday April 15th, 2019 admin

  Model-Size-NSN sheet Model / Size / NSN Regular / Medium Large Assign Date MC-140 Helicopter Helmet 8415-01-157-4806 8415-01-157-4807 1983-07-06 MC-140B Artillery Helmet w/ Comm 8415-01-157-4808 8415-01-157-4809 1983-07-06 MC-140C Artillery Helmet w/o Comm 8415-01-157-4810 8415-01-157-4811 1983-07-06 MC-140D USMC Motorcycle Helmet N/A N/A N/A MC-140E CVC Helmet 8415-01-118-8164 8415-01-112-7665 1981-05-10 (Medium) […]

GUU-1/P .38 Revolver Holster (1963)

Friday February 15th, 2019 admin

Carried by APs, SPs, Aircrews, USAF INTEL personnel in the field. This holster is for S&W Model 15 Combat Masterpiece, a four inch barreled, target sighted .38 Special revolver.   Stock Number Reference: Holster, Revolver, GUU-1/P FSN: 1095-819-8591 Assign Date: Unknown

Army Aircrew Combat Uniform (Modern)

Tuesday February 6th, 2018 admin

Stock Number Reference: Universal Camouflage Coat Coat, Aircrew, Combat Assign Date: 2005-01-12/2005-01-13 Chest Sz / Height Sz SHORT REGULAR LONG X-SMALL 8415-01-526-9728 8415-01-526-9227 8415-01-526-9231 SMALL 8415-01-526-9234 8415-01-526-9238 8415-01-526-9240 MEDIUM 8415-01-526-9243 8415-01-526-9248 8415-01-526-9252 LARGE 8415-01-526-9649 8415-01-526-9651 8415-01-526-9655 X-LARGE 8415-01-526-9661 8415-01-526-9666 8415-01-526-9669 Trousers Trousers, Aircrew, Combat Assign Date: 2005-01-13 Waist Sz / […]

Aircrew Body Armor

Tuesday December 22nd, 2015 admin

The need for body armor capable of defeating large caliber armor piercing rounds became a priority with the advent of “airmobile” combat as evidenced in Vietnam. Helicopter and recon aircraft crew members originally made due with body armor developed for ground forces, namely the Nylon M-1952 vest and the Nylon/Doron […]