Army Air Force Anti-Flak Goggle/Eyeshield

Tuesday October 6th, 2020 admin

Goggles manufactured in heavy gauge olive drab painted steel with a series of six horizontal slit cut-outs for each eye. Simple corduroy face padding at the upper and lower edge and an adjustable elastic strap. Issued about 1944 and rarely worn by aircrews due to their limited visibility, but they […]

Sun, Wind and Dust Goggle (SWDG, MIL-G-635, 1982)

Sunday July 26th, 2020 admin

Stock Number Reference: Goggles, Sun, Wind And Dust NSN: 8465-00-161-4068 Assign Date: Unknown Components Item NSN Assign Date Frame, Goggle, Without Lens 8465-01-103-1354 1980-11-10 Lens, Plastic, Goggle Class 1, Clear 8465-00-273-3625 Unknown Lens, Plastic, Goggle Class 2, Neutral Grey 8465-00-273-3626 Unknown

Gentex EPS-21 Combat Goggle

Friday August 30th, 2019 admin

Brand Gentex Corporation Item Name Eye Protective System-21 (EPS-21™) Combat Goggle Color Black Part Number D10525-xx Date post 2000 Reference Link (Outdated) (Outdated) Engineered to meet the challenges of U.S. military special forces, police tactical units and U.S. military allies, the Eye Protective System-21 (EPS-21™) Combat Goggle provides […]

Wiley X SG-1 Spectacles Series

Saturday May 20th, 2017 admin

Stock Number Reference: Model NSN Assign Date WileyX SG-1 Smoke and Clear 4240-01-504-0994 2003-01-16 WileyX SG-1 V-CUT Smoke and Clear 4240-01-510-7844 2003-07-25

Brown Cellulose Acetate Spectacle Frame (1988)

Tuesday March 14th, 2017 admin

Also known as “BCG” (Birth Control Glasses).   Stock Number Reference: Frame, Spectacle, Cellulose Acetate, Brown Size-NSN Sheet: EYE/BRIDGE 20mm 22mm 24mm 26mm Assign Date 46mm 6540-01-146-7823 6540-01-146-7824 6540-01-146-7826 6540-01-146-7825 1983-02-05 48mm 6540-01-147-4670 6540-01-147-4671 6540-01-147-4672 6540-01-147-4673 1983-02-16 50mm 6540-01-147-4674 6540-01-147-4675 6540-01-147-4676 6540-01-147-4678 1983-02-16 52mm 6540-01-147-4679 6540-01-147-4677 1983-02-16

ESS CDI Sunglasses

Tuesday February 2nd, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: ESS CDI Sunglasses NSN: 4240-01-545-7925 Assign Date: 2006-11-27

UVEX XC Spectacles

Thursday January 14th, 2016 admin

It’s a selectable production in APEL. Stock Number Reference: UVEX XC NSN: 4240-01-516-5361 Assign Date: 2004-01-09

Revision Sawfly Spectacles

Wednesday January 13th, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: Revision Sawfly Size NSN Assign Date Small 4240-01-607-7512 2012-06-13 Regular 4240-01-527-4051 2005-02-01 Large 4240-01-527-4018 2005-02-01

ESS Land OPS Goggle

Wednesday January 6th, 2016 admin

Issued with clear and gray lenses. May be wore over glasses. Stock Number Reference: ESS Land OPS Goggle Frame Color NSN Assign Date Black 4240-01-525-5101 2004-11-12 Olive Drab / Foliage Green 4240-01-540-5576 2006-05-24 Desert Tan / Tan 499 4240-01-540-5580 2006-05-24

ESS Crossbow & Crossbow Supressor

Wednesday January 6th, 2016 admin

Both kind of spectacles issue with clear and grey lens, Crossbow takes part in APEL list (I’m not sure if Crossbow Suppressor takes part, although it was assigned an NSN code). Crosshair has better compatibility using with helmet or headset, since it’s frame is thinner than Crossbow. Stock Number Reference: […]

Oakley SI M Frame Ballistic 3.0 Spectacles

Tuesday January 5th, 2016 admin

New spectacles use new ARGO lens cut, but the frame is still compatible with 2.0’s lens (Strike or Hybrid cut). Frame in four color: black, desert tan, Multicam, dark bone, thinner than 2.0 frame, more comfortable while wearing with helmet and headset. Stock Number Reference: Oakley SI M Frame 3.0 […]

Oakley SI M Frame Ballistic 2.0 Spectacles

Tuesday January 5th, 2016 admin

Takes part in APEL list. Origin kit just include clear and gray lens, but Oakley also products various replacement lens, in photo there is a extra VR28 Hybrid lens in orange color. Stock Number Reference: Oakley SI M Frame 2.0 Kit Name NSN Assign Date SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0 […]