Nylon Webbing Strap, 60″, 1964

Friday September 1st, 2023 admin

Stock Number Reference: Strap, Webbing Nylon, 60″ FSN: 1670-368-7486 NSN: 1670-00-368-7486, 5340-00-368-7486 Assign Date: Unknown

Experimental Aircrew Survival Armor Recovery Vest, Insert, and Packets SARVIP (1989)

Friday August 20th, 2021 admin

Label Content U.S. Army Natick Experimental Sample Autovon, 256-4569 Size: Large OT-II Check Test September, 1989 The Army’s Aircrew Survival Armor Recovery Vest, Insert, and Packets (SARVIP) is a three part system: survival vest, armor insert with carrier, and survival, signal and communication components. SARVIP also accommodates the AN/PRC-90 or […]

Navy CMU-33A/P22P-18 Aircrewman’s Survival Vest (Coyote Brown)

Tuesday August 10th, 2021 admin

CMU-33A/P22P-18 Survival Vest (AirSave Survival Vest, Type I) Components Name P/N NSN Assign Date Qty. per set Vest Assembly 3561AS301-2C 8415-01-568-9793 2008-11-17 1 Flashlight Keeper 3561AS309-1C (N/A) (N/A) 1 Hoisting Harness 3561AS303-2C 8415-01-579-1739 2009-11-03 1 Oxygen CBR Attachment 3561AS308-1C (N/A) (N/A) 1 General Pocket Assembly 3561AS318-1C 8415-01-569-4123 2008-12-01 5 Knife […]

Jungle Flotation Bladder (WWII)

Tuesday June 1st, 2021 admin

The jungle soldier is provided with two rubberized fabric bladders, each displacing between six and eight pounds of water. These bladders can be easily and rapidly inflated by blowing through a small rubber tube and then closing this tube by trucking the end under a fabric loop. When inflated the […]

The Blast Gauge® System (2014)

Monday November 11th, 2019 admin

The Blast Gauge® System is a 3-sensor set worn on the head, shoulder, and chest. Unit medics and leadership are alerted wirelessly or via button push on gauge, when further evaluation is required. Detailed data can be downloaded and analyzed by medical personnel wirelessly or via a micro-USB connection. The […]

Marine Lightweight SPIE Harness

Saturday September 8th, 2018 admin

They are parts of Marine Lightweight SPIE/LBE System, the Lightweight SPIE Harness sub-system.   Stock Number Reference: Lightweight SPIE/LBE System MPN: 350-506-000 NSN: 8415-01-433-9176 Assign Date: 1996-07-13 Components Item Qty. per set MPN NSN Assign Date SPIE Harness, Lightweight 1 350-506-302 8465-01-440-5883 1997-01-17 Leg Pad, Harness 2 350-506-303 8465-01-440-9529 1997-01-29 […]

Steel Carabiner / Snap Link with Lock (1998)

Tuesday January 23rd, 2018 admin

Shown two contract number date 1997, manufactured by Omega in 1998.   Stock Number Reference: Snap Link, Mountain Piton, Locking, Type II NSN: 8465-01-322-7432 Assign Date: 1990-07-13

Ice Creepers / Crampons (WWII)

Tuesday March 7th, 2017 admin

This is a pair of WWII U.S. Military Ice Creepers or Crampons. Crampons were a cold weather issued item for combat boots. This set is made of a galvanized metal with cotton webbing for strapping the cleats to the sole of your boot. They are adjustable and have seven 3/4″ […]

SPIE Harness Assembly (Modern)

Thursday February 23rd, 2017 admin

Special Patrol Insertion / Extraction (SPIE) Shown set contract number dated 2001, manufactured date Aug, 2004   Stock Number Reference: Harness Assembly, SPI/E NSN: 1670-01-068-8342 Assign Date: 1978-12-03

Steel Carabiner / Snap Link

Friday February 10th, 2017 admin

Shown six dated 1970, 1979, 1981 and 1987.   Stock Number Reference: Snap Link, Mountain Piton, Type I FSN: 8465-360-0228 NSN: 8465-00-360-0228 Assign Date: Unknown

Rifle Muzzle Cover (1944)

Friday May 20th, 2016 admin

This item was employed to cover the muzzle of rifles to keep dirt and other foreign objects out. The piece is made from canvis and has two snaps located in different areas to provide a small level of adjustment so it may fit better on the rifle. It can be […]

MXU-163/P Pilot’s Clipboard (Vietnam War era)

Tuesday January 26th, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: Type MXU-163/P Clipboard, Pilot’s FSN Assign Date 8465-989-4079 (elder version) Unknown 8465-573-2059 (shown) Unknown 8465-433-2073 (newer version) 1972-09-20