IR Reflective Markers – 1″ Velcro Squares

Thursday January 5th, 2023 admin

Stock Number Reference: Tape, Reflective Package Part Number NSN Assign Date 144 Pack IFF-980P 9390-01-521-3574 2004-06-18 50 Packs of 3 Each IFF-980K 9390-01-511-4043 2003-08-07

MX-993/U Flashlight (1980s)

Sunday April 1st, 2018 admin

Include 5 separated filters.   Stock Number Reference: Flashlight NSN: 6230-00-926-4331 Assign Date: 1966-05-04

Phoenix IR-15 Encodable Infrared Beacon

Monday September 5th, 2016 admin

Powered by standard 9V dry cell battery (BA-3090, NSN: 6135-00-900-2139). User can encode it by touch it’s pins with metallic object such as coin or cartridge casing. Shown one contract number dated 2003. Stock Number Reference: Transmitter, Infrared NSN: 5855-01-396-8734 Assign Date: 1994-09-27

MS-2000M Distress Light Marker

Monday September 5th, 2016 admin

Shown one contract number dated 2005, the letter “M” in the end of model name means “modified”.   Stock Number Reference: LIGHT MARKER, DISTRESS NSN: 6230-01-411-8535 Assign Date: 1995-04-03

IR Transmitter Light

Monday February 22nd, 2016 admin

(description copied from manual)   The enclose Light, IR Transmitter is device to be used as an identification and marking aid for vehicle and personnel ID, convoy operation, mine/obstacles, lanes for helipads, passage point, etc. It can be attached to military vehicle or can be carried by individual soldiers as […]

SDU-5/E Distress Light Marker

Tuesday November 17th, 2015 admin

Stock Number Reference: LIGHT MARKER, DISTRESS, SDU-5/E FSN: 6230-067-5209 NSN: 6230-00-067-5209 Assign Date: Unknown   Batteries: Name NSN Assign Date BATTERY, NON-RECHARGEABLE, BA-1574/U 6135-00-073-8939 Unknown BATTERY, NON-RECHARGEABLE, ALKALINE, K-304 6135-00-877-1659 1967-08-16   Accessories: Name NSN Assign Date FLASHGUARD 6230-00-401-2285 1969-11-19 FILTER, SIGNAL LIGHT 6210-00-783-5713 1968-02-19 CABLE ASSEMBLY, POWER, ELECTRICAL, BRANCHED […]