AN/PRC-127 (RT-1594) Radio

Monday July 9th, 2018 admin

AN/PRC-127 (RT-1594) Radio is a handheld transceiver operating in the 136-160 MHz range used by the US Army to aid in provisioning services, and other non-combat uses. It is a software modified version of the civilian LPI series high band Bendix-King radio (Bendix-King DPHx5102x). Technical data: Weight: 3.25 pounds (1.47kg) […]

AN/PRC-126/128 Radio

Sunday March 12th, 2017 admin

The AN/PRC-128 is a short range, handheld tactical radio for use primarily by Air Force guards and special operations teams. It was not intended for Army combat use. AN/PRC-128 is a lightweight, militarized transceiver providing two-way, voice-communications. The radio covers the frequency range of 30-87.975 megahertz or 130 – 173.9875 […]

RT-278(A)/URC-10 Survival Radio

Monday March 6th, 2017 admin

Also known as “RT-10” (Receiver/Transmitter 10). Used as survival radio by pilots and SOF operatives during the Vietnam War. This radio has an extension cable for the BA-1387 Mercury battery, to keep it warm in cold conditions.   Battery: BA-1387/U (FSN: 6135-889-1485) Working Frequency: 243 MHz Only Output Power: 200 […]

Phoenix IR-15 Encodable Infrared Beacon

Monday September 5th, 2016 admin

Powered by standard 9V dry cell battery (BA-3090, NSN: 6135-00-900-2139). User can encode it by touch it’s pins with metallic object such as coin or cartridge casing. Shown one contract number dated 2003. Stock Number Reference: Transmitter, Infrared NSN: 5855-01-396-8734 Assign Date: 1994-09-27

IR Transmitter Light

Monday February 22nd, 2016 admin

The enclose Light, IR Transmitter is device to be used as an identification and marking aid for vehicle and personnel ID, convoy operation, mine/obstacles, lanes for helipads, passage point, etc. It can be attached to military vehicle or can be carried by individual soldiers as an identification device when operation […]

AN/PRT-4(A) Transmitter and AN/PRR-9 Receiver Set

Tuesday November 17th, 2015 admin

Stock Number Reference: AN/PRT-4 Transmitter Set Name FSN Assign Date Radio, Transmitting Set, AN/PRT-4 5820-868-8107 Unknown Radio, Transmitting Set, AN/PRT-4A 5820-133-8980 1968-08-14 Slide, Transmitter 5820-995-2261 Unknown Antenna, AS-1999/PRT-4 5985-926-2589 1966-07-06 Lanyard Assy 5985-933-2454 Unknown Battery Case, CY-6115/PRT-4 Battery Case, CY-6115/PRT-4A 6130-908-9189 1966-06-20 Battery, Non-Rechargeable, BA-399/U 6135-926-0845 1966-02-18 AN/PRR-9 Receiver Set […]