TAC-100 Underwater Navigation Board

Monday March 16th, 2020 admin

The TAC-100 Underwater Navigation Board is the original navigation platform used by professional divers around the world. The TAC-100 integrates a underwater compass onto a rugged and lightweight high impact plastic console with easy-to-grip handles. The underwater compass utilizes a black compass card with luminous markings to indicate heading. Internal […]

Gentex EPS-21 Combat Goggle

Friday August 30th, 2019 admin

Brand Gentex Corporation Item Name Eye Protective System-21 (EPS-21™) Combat Goggle Color Black Item# D10525-xx Date post 2000 Reference Link http://www.gentexcorp.com/helmetsystems/EPS21MIL.htm (Outdated) http://www.gentexcorp.com/default.aspx?pageid=1417 (Outdated) Engineered to meet the challenges of U.S. military special forces, police tactical units and U.S. military allies, the Eye Protective System-21 (EPS-21™) Combat Goggle provides maximum […]

SPEAR BALCS Backpack Subsystem

Monday August 26th, 2019 admin

Overview The Bianchi UM21 Backpack System features the latest advancements in state of the art technology. It combines materials, construction, and fit to provide a backpack for the 21st century. This Universal Military Backpack System gives the modern day battlefield warrior the ability to carry required loads over long distances […]


Monday August 26th, 2019 admin

` Standard (Special Forces) Ver. Three lines vertical PALs webbing in the front carrier. Size Woodland (MCN) Desert (NSN) Black (MCN) Body Armor System Small Regular 8470-01-F01-0281 8470-01-493-3646 8470-01-F01-0355 Medium Regular 8470-01-F01-0282 8470-01-493-3642 8470-01-F01-0356 Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0283 8470-01-493-3639 8470-01-F01-0357 X-Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0284 8470-01-493-3651 8470-01-F01-0358 Outer Shell Small Regular 8470-01-F01-0289 8470-01-F01-0359 […]

Free Fall Parachutist’s Helmet (Type I)

Sunday April 14th, 2019 admin

Stock Number Reference: Helmet, Parachutist’s, Free Fall, Type I, Without Communication Equipment Assign Date: 1976-03-19 Size-NSN Sheet Size NSN Small 8415-01-018-4910 Medium 8415-01-018-4911 Large 8415-01-018-4912

Machine Gun Sling (Modern)

Sunday February 17th, 2019 admin

Black padded two-point sling for carrying machine gun: M60, M240, M249 SAW, etc.   Stock Number Reference: Sling, Small Arms NSN: 1005-00-312-7177 Assign Date: 1973-10-26

M7 9mm Holster (Modern)

Wednesday October 3rd, 2018 admin

Stock Number Reference: Holster, Pistol, Shoulder, M7 NSN: 1095-00-973-2353 Assign Date: Unknown

Black Leather Safety Boots (2000)

Friday September 28th, 2018 admin

Usually used as jump boots. Stock Number Reference: Boots, Safety, Men’s Assign Date: 1999-05-04 ~ 1999-05-07 NSN-Size Sheet Size/Width Narrow Regular Wide X-Wide 3 8430-01-464-5358 8430-01-464-5365 8430-01-464-5367 8430-01-464-5372 3½ 8430-01-464-5375 8430-01-464-5377 8430-01-464-5383 8430-01-464-5385 4 8430-01-464-5387 8430-01-464-5388 8430-01-464-5390 8430-01-464-5435 4½ 8430-01-464-5417 8430-01-464-5418 8430-01-464-5420 8430-01-464-5440 5 8430-01-464-5494 8430-01-464-5496 8430-01-464-5497 8430-01-464-5498 5½ 8430-01-464-5526 […]

Leather Combat Boots (Direct Molded Sole, Vietnam War)

Sunday July 22nd, 2018 admin

Vietnam War era Army all leather combat boots, Direct Molded Sole (DMS).   Stock Number Reference: Boots, Combat, Leather Assign Date: 1971-03-01 FSN-Size Sheet Size\Width X-Narrow Narrow Regular Wide X-Wide 3½ 8430-186-6826 4½ 8430-186-6827 8430-186-6828 8430-186-6829 8430-186-6830 8430-186-6834 5½ 8430-186-6835 8430-186-6844 8430-186-6865 8430-186-6866 8430-186-6885 6½ 8430-186-6886 8430-186-6887 8430-186-6888 8430-186-6891 8430-186-6892 […]

Intermediate Cold/Wet Gloves (2004)

Thursday March 22nd, 2018 admin

Stock Number Reference: Gloves, Intermediate Cold/Wet Assign Date: 1990-05-09 Size NSN 1 (X-Small) 8415-01-319-5112 2 (Small) 8415-01-319-5113 3 (Medium) 8415-01-319-5114 4 (Large) 8415-01-319-5115 5 (X-Large) 8415-01-319-5116