Standard (Special Forces) Ver.

Three lines vertical PALs webbing in the front carrier.

Size Woodland (MCN) Desert (NSN) Black (MCN)
Body Armor System
Small Regular 8470-01-F01-0281 8470-01-493-3646 8470-01-F01-0355
Medium Regular 8470-01-F01-0282 8470-01-493-3642 8470-01-F01-0356
Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0283 8470-01-493-3639 8470-01-F01-0357
X-Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0284 8470-01-493-3651 8470-01-F01-0358
Outer Shell
Small Regular 8470-01-F01-0289 8470-01-F01-0359
Medium Regular 8470-01-F01-0290 8470-01-497-1874 8470-01-F01-0360
Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0291 8470-01-497-1867 8470-01-F01-0361
X-Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0292 8470-01-497-1882 8470-01-F01-0362


Ranger Ver.

Normal horizon PALs webbing on the front carrier, and the bottom ALICE attachment webbing is moved to the back carrier.

The front carrier can be provided sparely to convert a standard version into a ranger one.

Ranger ver. Front carrier with SF ver. Back carrier

Ranger ver. front carrier (horizon PALS webbing and no ALICE attachment)

SF ver. back carrier (no ALICE attachment)


Size Woodland (NSN) Desert (NSN) Black (NSN)
Body Armor System
Small Regular 8470-01-F01-0347 8470-01-493-3679
Medium Regular 8470-01-F01-0348 8470-01-493-3672
Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0349 8470-01-493-3664
X-Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0350 8470-01-493-3683
Outer Shell
Small Regular 8470-01-F01-0351 8470-01-500-6047
Medium Regular 8470-01-F01-0352 8470-01-500-6059
Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0353 8470-01-500-6061
X-Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0354 8470-01-500-6068
Stand-alone Front Carrier
Small Regular 8470-01-493-3596 8470-01-493-3591 8470-01-493-3575
Medium Regular 8470-01-493-3595 8470-01-493-3583 8470-01-493-3573
Large Regular 8470-01-493-3594 8470-01-493-3592 8470-01-493-3569
X-Large Regular 8470-01-493-3599 8470-01-493-3593 8470-01-493-3577


Navy Ver.

Three lines vertical PALs webbing in the front carrier, the liner is made by mesh fabric. Besides, there is no Kevlar protective insert in the front carrier’s shoulder connecting bridge.


Size Woodland (MCN) Desert (NSN) Black (MCN)
Body Armor System
Small Regular
Medium Regular 8470-01-F01-0509 8470-01-493-3657 8470-01-F01-0525
Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0510 8470-01-493-3601 8470-01-F01-0526
X-Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0511 8470-01-493-3659 8470-01-F01-0527
Outer Shell
Small Regular
Medium Regular 8470-01-F01-0512 8470-01-497-1853 8470-01-F01-0528
Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0513 8470-01-497-1850 8470-01-F01-0529
X-Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0514 8470-01-497-1856 8470-01-F01-0530


Ballistic Plate Insert


Compare with ESAPI


Small Regular 8470-01-F01-0285 8470-01-478-1031
Medium Regular 8470-01-F01-0286 8470-01-478-1028
Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0287 8470-01-478-1027
X-Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0288 8470-01-478-1034

Fragmentation/9MM Protective Insert

Front Insert

Back Insert

Groin Insert


Size MCN
Body Armor-Vest Insert
Small Regular 8470-01-F01-0297
Medium Regular 8470-01-F01-0298
Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0299
X-Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0300
Body Armor-Groin Insert
Small/Medium 8470-01-F01-0303
Large/X-Large 8470-01-F01-0304


Groin Protector Cover

Size Woodland (MCN) Desert (MCN /NSN) Black (MCN)
Small/Medium 8470-01-F01-0301 8470-01-F01-0381 8470-01-F01-0367
Large/X-Large 8470-01-F01-0302 8470-01-F01-0382 8470-01-F01-0368
Small/Medium 8470-01-F01-0515 8470-01-497-6073 8470-01-F01-0531
Large/X-Large 8470-01-F01-0516 8470-01-497-6072 8470-01-F01-0532


Collar Assembly

Size Woodland (MCN) Desert (NSN) Black (MCN)
Small 8470-01-F01-0293 8470-01-F01-0363
Medium 8470-01-F01-0294 8470-01-497-3526 8470-01-F01-0364
Large 8470-01-F01-0295 8470-01-497-3525 8470-01-F01-0365
X-Large 8470-01-F01-0296 8470-01-497-3529 8470-01-F01-0366


MOUT-ACTD (Military Operation on Urban Terrain, Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration)



Front carrier, outer side.

Front carrier, inner side.

Back carrier, outer side.

Back carrier, inner side.

In woodland only, we considered that MOUT-ACTD version is the prototype of Ranger version, but its collar assembly was assigned MCN/NSN sparely, perhaps its collar assembly is different from ranger version.

Size MCN
Body Armor System
Small Regular 8470-01-F01-0498
Medium Regular 8470-01-F01-0499
Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0500
X-Large Regular 8470-01-F01-0501
Collar Assembly
Small 8470-01-F01-0502
Medium 8470-01-F01-0503
Large 8470-01-F01-0504
X-Large 8470-01-F01-0505