Eagle Industries Duty Evidence Pouch, Khaki

Saturday May 4th, 2024 admin

(description copied from archived official webstore.) Eagle’s DEP is a unique design that allows you to keep your Evidence Pouch at the ready as well as out of the way until needed. When needed, simply release the Velcro® flaps and unfold. Once open you’ll have a 6″ Diameter evidence pouch […]

Tactical Tailor Fight Light Roll Up Dump Pouch, Coyote Brown

Wednesday February 14th, 2024 admin

(description copied from official webstore) The Fight Light Roll-Up Dump Pouch allows you to store your empty mags quickly and folds up neatly out of the way when you don’t need it. It is ideal for situations where space on your gear is limited. The mouth of the bag features […]

CSM Gear Drop Pouch, Coyote Brown

Monday November 20th, 2023 admin

(Description copied from archived official webstore.) Don’t be fooled by copies. We are the original manufacturer of this style Drop Pouch. Now we’ve added hook and loop so you can roll up it up and out of the way until you need it. A simple solution for magazine retention, loading […]

BLACKHAWK Folding Dump Pouch, Coyote Tan

Thursday December 22nd, 2022 admin

(Description copied from archived official webstore) The Folding Dump Pouch features a low-profile design, and can be used as a magazine dump pouch, evidence bag or flex cuff pouch. The lid attaches via hook & loop. Feature: Hook and loop attachment Belt-mounted folding/roll-up dump pouch Dimensions: 11in H x 8in […]

SOE Spent Mag Pouch (Late Version)

Monday February 15th, 2021 admin

Additional flap cover added to the top opening. Brand Special Operations Equipment Item Name Spent Mag Pouch Color Black Part Number (N/A) Date post 2004 Reference Link http://www.soegear.com/store/index.htm?c51.htm&1 (Outdated)

SOE Spent Mag Pouch

Tuesday December 29th, 2020 admin

(Description copied from archived webstore) Top view 6 inch cut out on top with elastic cut out to drop mags in. Holds up to 6 M16 mags. Front View 4 slots on front for for chem lights. Pistol mag pouches on both sides. SCUBA webbing used keep pouch rigged. Back […]