Intermediate Cold/Wet Gloves (2004)

Thursday March 22nd, 2018 admin

Overview The Intermediate Cold/Wet Glove System (ICWG) developed to address a deficiency of hand protection in cold/wet climates for ground troop soldiers. The original ICWG system was designed and field tested as a Soldier Enhancement Program (SEP) and adopted as an interim solution in June 1991. A Preplanned Product Improvement […]

M-1949 Cattlehide Glove Shells (1978)

Tuesday January 10th, 2017 admin

Use with glove liners.   Stock Number Reference: Glove Shells, Cattlehide Assign Date: Unknown Size NSN 3 8415-00-269-5700 4 8415-00-269-5701 5 8415-00-269-5702

Light Duty Glove (Modern)

Saturday October 8th, 2016 admin

Overview The Light Duty Work Glove has been in the field since the 1960’s or prior. The item has multifunctional purpose although intended for wear while performing light work. It is issued as a standard “bag” item to all Army personnel and is also used by all DoD services. In […]

GS/FRP-2 Summer Flyer’s Gloves (Modern)

Tuesday September 13th, 2016 admin

Shown two pairs contract number dated post 2000.   Stock Number Reference: Gloves, Summer, Flyer’s, Type GS/FRP-2 Sage Green Size NSN Assign Date 5 8415-01-040-2012 1977-05-04 6 8415-01-040-1453 1977-05-02 7 8415-01-029-0109 1976-10-14 8 8415-01-029-0111 1976-10-14 9 8415-01-029-0112 1976-10-14 10 8415-01-029-0113 1976-10-14 11 8415-01-029-0116 1976-10-14   Tan and Black Assign Date: […]

Aircrew Survival Knife (Post Vietnam War)

Sunday July 3rd, 2016 admin

Ontario 499 Survival Knife (description copied from one of Ontario’s reseller) The Ontario Knife 6150, 499 Air Force Survival Knife has become an Ontario CLASSIC also used by US Armed Forces. The 5″ plain edge blade has a .17″ thickness with a flat bevel with swedge grind and an HRC […]