BLACKHAWK Small Utility Pouch, Coyote Tan, Speed Clip Mounted

Sunday December 25th, 2022 admin

(Description copied from one of BlackHawk’s resellers’ webstore.) Mounts to any S.T.R.I.K.E.® or PALS/MOLLE platform by weaving the integral straps on the back of the pouch in and out of the platform webbing. Constructed of 500 denier nylon (solid colors) or 500 denier CORDURA® nylon (MultiCam®). Feature: Hook & loop […]

Marine Full Spectrum Battle Equipment (FSBE), Coyote Brown

Wednesday July 27th, 2022 admin

Full Spectrum Battle Equipment (FSBE) Overview Full Spectrum Battle Equipment (FSBE) reduces the component weight, provides a single point of release mechanism, and has an integrated breathing and flotation system. FSBE replaces the Close Quarters Battle Equipment (CQBE) Assault Vest System and the interim issue of FSBE in 2000. Features FSBE […]

Tactical Tailor Zippered Utility Pouch, Tan (2005)

Friday April 8th, 2022 admin

(Description copied from archived official webstore) Our Zippered Utility Pouch measures 7″ x 5″ x 4″. It was designed to hold medical supplies (500ml IV bag, 2 rolls of Kerlix starter kits, ace wrap, etc.) but it will also hold a 1 quart GI canteen or a Nalgene bottle. There […]

AWS CQB Vest System, SPEARS, Olive Drab

Saturday February 19th, 2022 admin

(Description copied from archived official webstore, 2007 ver.) Our CQB vest system is designed into separate modules so the end user can configure the vest as needed, quickly and easily. The vest has standard snap patterns backed with VELCRO© hook/loop material that form a tight fit. The panels will not […]

Paraclete Releasable Assault Vest Packages, Smoke Green

Thursday February 10th, 2022 admin

Releasable Assault Vest (RAV) Packages (description copied from official webstore, 2005 version.) In early 2000 we at Paraclete learned of a tragedy that had occurred involving several servicemen who drowned after the helicopter they were riding in crashed into the sea. These servicemen were wearing fully loaded armor vests and […]

Eagle Industries Trial/Movie Props Pouch Set, OD (2002)

Sunday December 26th, 2021 admin

We got these pouch in set alone with an RRV-like vest (but with buckles on the shoulder straps, like BHI CRCH). All pouches are in olive drab, buckles dated 2002, some of the pouches are slightly different to the issued/commercial ones somehow, and none of then has item name label. […]

Training Field Pack (1978)

Thursday December 16th, 2021 admin

1970s version with eyelets at flap rim and side webbings.   Stock Number Reference: Field Pack, Training NSN: 8465-00-935-6825 Assign Data: 1968-07-01

MOLLE II SAW Gunner Set (OEF Camouflage)

Friday November 12th, 2021 admin

Stock Number Reference: MOLLE, SAW Gunner Set NSN: 8465-01-580-2618 Assign Date: 2009-12-09 Components Name Qty. NSN Assign Date MOLLE, Pouch, 100 Round, Utility 2 8465-01-580-2621 2009-12-09 MOLLE, Pouch, 200 Round, SAW Gunner 2 8465-01-580-2628 2009-12-09 Item provided by G.I.’s friend.

MOLLE II Rifleman Set (OEF Camouflage)

Tuesday November 9th, 2021 admin

Stock Number Reference: MOLLE, Rifleman Set Set NSN (with FLC): 8465-01-580-0477 Assign Date: 2009-12-02 Set NSN (with TAP): 8465-01-580-0481 Assign Date: 2009-12-02 Components (with TAP) Name Qty. NSN Assign Date MOLLE, Tactical Assault Panel (TAP) 1 8465-01-580-0689 2009-12-03 MOLLE, Pouch, Canteen, General Purpose 2 8465-01-580-0693 2009-12-02 MOLLE, Pouch, M4 Two […]

MOLLE II Leader Pouch Set (Operational Camouflage)

Monday November 1st, 2021 admin

Stock Number Reference: MOLLE, Pouch, Leader Set NSN: 8465-01-642-2220 Assign Date: 2015-02-18 Pouch Inserts Name NSN Assign Date MOLLE, Insert, GPS, Leader Pouch Set 8465-01-642-2224 2015-02-18 MOLLE, Insert, Writing, Leader Pouch Set 8465-01-642-2227 2015-02-18 Item provided by G.I.’s friend.

SOE Sure Fire Vest

Wednesday March 31st, 2021 admin

(Description copied from archived official web store) Four main magazine pockets are each capable of holding three M-16 magazines or two M-14, G3, FN/FAL magazines. Four pistol magazine pouches each pouch capable of holding single-stack 1911 mag up to the Socom mag, SureFire lights leatherman/utility, or any small item. The […]

MOLLE II Rifleman Set (Desert)

Monday March 22nd, 2021 admin

Stock Number Reference: MOLLE, Rifleman Set NSN: 8465-01-491-6605 Assign Date: 2000-10-29 2001-2002 ver. Components Item NSN Assign Date Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) 8465-01-491-7451 2001-10-30 FLC Utility Belt 8465-01-491-7440 2001-10-30 Double M16A2 Magazine Pouch 8465-01-491-7435 2001-10-30 1 QT Canteen / General Purpose Pouch (P/N: F205665) N/A Hand Grenade Pouch 8465-01-491-7431 2001-10-30 […]

Original S.O.E. Gear Zippered Knife Pouch

Monday March 8th, 2021 admin

Closed it’s 8″ x 4″ two (2) internal slots for your expensive folders. Great for holding knives, pens, mechanical pencils, vape, etc. Brand Original S.O.E. Gear Item Name Zippered Knife Pouch Color Olive Drab / Black Part Number (N/A) Date post 2008 Reference Link e

SOE Special Operations Butt Pack (Early Version)

Wednesday February 24th, 2021 admin

Brand Special Operations Equipment Item Name Special Operations Butt Pack Color Olive Drab / Black Part Number (N/A) Date 1999 (buckle) Reference Link (Outdated)