M1936 Musette Bag/Backpack (1945 ver.)

Saturday January 23rd, 2016 admin

The shown bag was the latest version of M1936 field bag, OD 7 color, with added equipment tab on the front flap. Stock Number Reference: Name Army Stock Number Bag, Canvas, Field, M1936 74-B-53 Strap, Carrying, Bag, Canvas, Field 74-S-333

M1936 Suspenders and Belt

Saturday January 23rd, 2016 admin

The “Belt, Pistol or Revolver, M1936” was essentially the same as the M1912 belt, but had a buckle with smaller “T”-closure. Early version belt had a pair of smooth-faced brass belt keepers with brazed ends. This kind of belt was issued to all ranks armed forces with handgun or carbine […]

M1936 Musette Bag/Backpack (1942 ver.)

Saturday January 23rd, 2016 admin

The M1936 field bag was a popularly known as the “musette” – the French military term for a haversack – even the M1936 was not copied form any French pattern. M1936 field bag was issued in place of the M1928 haversack to officers, armored infantry, the Air Corps, specialist arms […]

Marine Reversible Poncho (WWII)

Sunday January 10th, 2016 admin

Used by marines by the end of WWII. Camouflage pattern printed on both sides. Two poncho can be joint up by the snaps on their edges and make a whole tent for two soldiers. Stock number unknown.

Mountain Rucksack (JQD-88B 1942 ver.)

Sunday January 3rd, 2016 admin

Widely used by 10th Mountain Division, and still popular among special operation forces in post WWII missions, even in the Vietnam War. Stock Number Reference: Rucksack Army Stock Number: 74-R-350

M1910 T-handle Shovel

Saturday November 21st, 2015 admin

Shown set dated 1942.   Stock Number Reference: Intrenching Tool Intrenching Tool, M-1910 Army Stock Number: 74-S-160   Carrier Carrier, Intrenching Tool, M-1910 Army Stock Number: 74-C-137

M1943 Intrenching Tool

Saturday November 21st, 2015 admin

This M-1943 intrenching tool replaced M-1910 T-handle Shovel. Shown set dated 1945.   Stock Number Reference: Intrenching Tool Shovel, Intrenching, M-1943 Army Stock Number: 74-S-164   Carrier Carrier,Shovel, Intrenching Tool, M-1943 Army Stock Number: 74-C-165

M1910 Pick Mattock

Saturday November 21st, 2015 admin

Shown set dated 1945.   Stock Number Reference: Pick Mattock Pick-Mattocks, Intrenching, M-1910, With Handle Army Stock Number: 74-P-80   Carrier Carrier, Pick-Mattocks, Intrenching, M-1910 Army Stock Number: 74-C-154

M-1938 Wire Cutter

Saturday November 21st, 2015 admin

Shown one circa 1944.   Stock Number Reference: Name Army Stock Number FSN  CUTTER,WIRE ROPE,HAND OPERATED 74-C-330 5110-310-8568 CARRIER,TOOL 74-C-187 5140-261-4994

Camouflage Jungle Rucksack

Monday November 16th, 2015 admin

This rucksack was issued to the Army in Southeast Asia and Pacific Theatre of Operations. It’s successor is M-1943 Field Pack.   Stock Number Reference: Pack, Jungle Army Stock Number: 74-P-15

M1944 & M1945 Pack System

Thursday November 12th, 2015 admin

“M-1944” Pack Set Name Army Stock Number Pack, Field, Combat 74-P-12-250 Pack, Field, Cargo 74-P-12-285 M-1945 Pack Set Name Pack, Field, Combat, M-1945 74-P-12-252 Pack, Field, Cargo, M-1945 74-P-12-287   Suspenders Name Army Stock Number Suspenders, Pack, Combat, Cargo 74-S-392-300