Special Protective Eyewear Cylindrical System (SPECS)

Monday January 4th, 2016 admin

The Special Protective Eyewear, Cylindrical System (SPECS) program was initiated in 1991, and is based on a requirement, approved in 1984, for ballistic and laser eye protection. SPECS successfully completed evaluation and was Type Classified Standard in May 1995. The first contract for production of SPECS was awarded for 1Q-FY97, […]

M12 Holster Set

Sunday January 3rd, 2016 admin

M1911 and M92FS compatible. Also known as UM84 as Bianchi’s commercial production. Stock Number Reference: Name NSN Assigned Date Holster, Hip, M12 1095-01-194-3343 1984-11-13 Extender, Hip 1095-01-339-2213 1991-05-19 Pouch, Magazine, Special 1095-01-362-9612 1992-08-19

DT-236 Radiac Detector

Sunday January 3rd, 2016 admin

Inside this black plastic block there is a gamma ray photosensitive glass film, using sensitometry to determine radiation intensity. AN/PDR-75 is the device reading it’s radiation intensity. Stock Number Reference: Name NSN Assigned Date Detector, Radiac 6665-01-043-2191 1977-06-21

Night Camouflage Parka and Trousers

Saturday January 2nd, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: Parka Parka, Night Camouflage, Desert Size NSN Assign Date X-SMALL 8415-01-102-6278 1980-10-24 SMALL 8415-01-102-6279 1980-10-24 MEDIUM 8415-01-102-6280 1980-10-24 LARGE 8415-01-102-6281 1980-10-24 X-LARGE 8415-01-102-6282 1980-10-24 Parka Liner Liner, Night, Camouflage, Parka, Desert Size NSN Assign Date X-SMALL 8415-01-102-4481 1980-10-22 SMALL 8415-01-102-4482 1980-10-22 MEDIUM 8415-01-102-4483 1980-10-22 LARGE 8415-01-102-4484 1980-10-22 […]

Desert Battle Dress Uniform (DBDU)

Saturday January 2nd, 2016 admin

This camouflage is also called as “6-color desert camouflage” or “chocolate chip camouflage”. Stock Number Reference: Coat, Desert Camouflage Pattern; Combat   Assigned Date: 1980-10-25 Twill texture Chest Sz / Height Sz XX-SHORT X-SHORT SHORT REGULAR LONG SMALL 8415-01-102-6759 8415-01-102-6760 8415-01-102-6761 8415-01-102-6762 8415-01-102-6763 MEDIUM 8415-01-102-6764 8415-01-102-6765 8415-01-102-9128 8415-01-102-6766 8415-01-102-6767 LARGE […]

Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU)

Saturday January 2nd, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: Coat, Desert Camouflage, Pattern; Combat Assigned Date: 1990-10-17 Material: Twill/Rigstop Chest Sz / Height Sz XX-SHORT X-SHORT SHORT REGULAR LONG X-LONG X-SMALL 8415-01-327-5296 8415-01-327-5297 8415-01-327-5298 SMALL 8415-01-327-5299 8415-01-327-5300 8415-01-327-5301 8415-01-327-5302 8415-01-327-5303 8415-01-327-5304 MEDIUM 8415-01-327-5305 8415-01-327-5306 8415-01-327-5307 8415-01-327-5308 8415-01-327-5309 8415-01-327-5310 LARGE 8415-01-327-5311 8415-01-327-5312 8415-01-327-5313 8415-01-327-5314 8415-01-327-5315 X-LARGE 8415-01-327-5316 […]

Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)

Friday January 1st, 2016 admin

Also known as “M81”. Issue since 1981 till today. Stock Number Reference: Coat, Hot Weather, Woodland, Camouflage Pattern; Combat Assigned Date: 1979-12-10 Chest Sz / Height Sz XX-SHORT X-SHORT SHORT REGULAR LONG X-SMALL 8415-01-084-1639 8415-01-084-1640 SMALL 8415-01-084-1653 8415-01-084-1641 8415-01-084-1642 8415-01-084-1643 8415-01-084-1644 MEDIUM 8415-01-084-1654 8415-01-084-1645 8415-01-084-1646 8415-01-084-1647 8415-01-084-1648 LARGE 8415-01-084-1655 8415-01-084-1649 […]

Collapsible Intrenching Tool

Saturday November 21st, 2015 admin

Shown two circa 1980s and 1990s.   Stock Number Reference: Entrenching Tool, Hand, Folding, Lightweight NSN: 5120-00-878-5932 Assign Date: 1967-09-13

PASGT Body Armor

Wednesday November 18th, 2015 admin

The PASGT Vest is a front opening design which protects the upper torso of the body. The ballistic filler consists of 13 plies of 14 oz/yd2 (457 g/m2) water repellent treated Aramid (Kevlar 29) fabric. The inner and outer cover, shoulder pads and front closure flap of the vest are […]

IIFS Load Bearing Vest Subsystem

Tuesday November 17th, 2015 admin

IIFS means Individual Integrated Fighting System, it’s load bearing vest subsystem consists of rifleman vest and grenadier vest. The rifleman vest holds 6 M16 rifle magazines, and the grenadier holds fourteen 40*46mm HE grenades and four special purpose 40mm grenades. The rifleman vest was field-tested in later 1980’s by special […]

Cammenga Tritium Compass 3H (1999)

Tuesday November 17th, 2015 admin

(Description copied from official webstore) They’ve been to battlefields all over the world. As the U.S. Military’s official compass manufacturer, Cammenga’s Tritium Lensatic Compasses have proven themselves repeatedly in almost every kind of environment and situation. With each compass, you carry the added assurance of Tritium-based, self-powered lighting that needs […]

Stainless Mess Kit: Pan Kit, Fork, Spoon & Knife (1989)

Tuesday November 17th, 2015 admin

Use since 1942, the shown set dated 1989. Stock Number Reference: Name NSN Assign Date PAN, MESS KIT 7350-00-242-5110 Unknown FORK, FIELD MESS 7340-00-243-5391 Unknown SPOON, FIELD MESS 7340-00-243-5390 Unknown KNIFE, FIELD MESS 7340-00-240-7436 Unknown

SDU-5/E Distress Light Marker

Tuesday November 17th, 2015 admin

Stock Number Reference: LIGHT MARKER, DISTRESS, SDU-5/E FSN: 6230-067-5209 NSN: 6230-00-067-5209 Assign Date: Unknown   Batteries: Name NSN Assign Date BATTERY, NON-RECHARGEABLE, BA-1574/U 6135-00-073-8939 Unknown BATTERY, NON-RECHARGEABLE, ALKALINE, K-304 6135-00-877-1659 1967-08-16   Accessories: Name NSN Assign Date FLASHGUARD 6230-00-401-2285 1969-11-19 FILTER, SIGNAL LIGHT 6210-00-783-5713 1968-02-19 CABLE ASSEMBLY, POWER, ELECTRICAL, BRANCHED […]

All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE)

Friday November 13th, 2015 admin

Also named “M1972” before 1974, consists of load-carrying system and rucksacks. Stock Number Reference: Name NSN Assigned Date Belt, Individual Equipment Belt, Individual Equipment, Nylon Belt, Individual Equipment, M-1972 Belt, Individual Equipment, LC-1 Belt, Individual Equipment, Nylon, LC-2 (M-1956 type brass buckle) 8465-00-001-6488 (Medium) 8465-00-001-6487 (Large) 1972-09-24 Belt, Individual Equipment, […]