M1936 Musette Bag/Backpack (1942 ver.)

Saturday January 23rd, 2016 admin

The M1936 field bag was a popularly known as the “musette” – the French military term for a haversack – even the M1936 was not copied form any French pattern. M1936 field bag was issued in place of the M1928 haversack to officers, armored infantry, the Air Corps, specialist arms […]

Tropical Rucksack

Monday January 18th, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: Rucksack, Tropical w/ 3 Small Liner and 1 Large Liner FSN: 8465-935-6673 Assign Date: Unknown   liners: Liner, Field Pack Assign Date: 1968-07-24 Size FSN Size 1 (small) 8465-935-6857 Size 2 (large) 8465-935-6858

ALICE Rucksacks: Medium and Large

Wednesday January 13th, 2016 admin

Also named “M1972” before 1974, consists of load-carrying system and rucksacks. Stock Number Reference: Item NSN Assigned Date Field Pack, Combat, Nylon, Medium, M-1972 Field Pack, Combat, Nylon, Medium, LC-1 (With rubberized water-proof liners and spring non-slip buckles) 8465-00-001-6480 1972-09-24 Field Pack, Combat, Nylon, Medium, LC-1 Field Pack, Combat, Nylon, Medium, […]

IIFS Pack Subsystem (FPLIF)

Friday January 8th, 2016 admin

IIFS means Individual Integrated Fighting System. It’s pack subsystem consists of a large rucksack and patrol pack. It was tested during 1988 and 1990, meant to replace ALICE medium and large rucksack. They were known as FPLIF (Field Pack, Large, with Internal Frame, a.k.a. CFP-90, Combat Field Pack 1990, as it’s commercial name). […]

Mountain Rucksack (JQD-88B 1942 ver.)

Sunday January 3rd, 2016 admin

Widely used by 10th Mountain Division, and still popular among special operation forces in post WWII missions, even in the Vietnam War. Stock Number Reference: Rucksack Army Stock Number: 74-R-350

Marine M-1941 Field Pack System (Vietnam War era)

Saturday November 21st, 2015 admin

Stock Number Reference: Name FSN Field Pack, Canvas, Haversack (M-1941 USMC) 8465-382-7966 Field Pack, Canvas, Cargo (M-1941 USMC) 8465-382-7967 Suspenders, Field Pack, M-1941 8465-382-7968

USMC Pack System (FILBE)

Friday November 20th, 2015 admin

Stock Number Reference: USMC PACK SET NSN: 8465-01-598-7693 Assign Date: 2011-08-25   Main Pack: Name NSN Assign Date Frame, USMC Pack Downeast #1606AC 8465-01-600-7844 2011-12-19 Shoulder Harness Assembly 8465-01-600-7938 2011-12-19 Hip Belt 8465-01-600-7870 2011-12-19 Main Bag 8465-01-600-7911 2011-12-19 Assault Pack: Name NSN Assign Date Pack, Assualt 8465-01-600-7830 2011-12-19 Hydration Bladder System: Name […]

Camouflage Jungle Rucksack

Monday November 16th, 2015 admin

This rucksack was issued to the Army in Southeast Asia and Pacific Theatre of Operations. It’s successor is M-1943 Field Pack.   Stock Number Reference: Pack, Jungle Army Stock Number: 74-P-15

Lightweight Rucksack (1968 Ver.)

Monday November 16th, 2015 admin

With Saigon Surplus made straps. Stock Number Reference: Rucksack, Lightweight FSN: 8465-782-3248 Assign Date: Unknown Components Nomenclature FSN Qty. Frame, Field Pack 8465-782-3249 1 Strap, Webbing 8465-782-3250 1 Field Pack, Lightweight 8465-782-2113 1   Accessories Nomenclature FSN Cover, Field Pack, Camouflage 8465-270-0414 Rifle Butt Pocket And Strap Assembly 8465-782-2779 Shelf, Cargo […]

ARVN Rucksack

Monday November 16th, 2015 admin

Stock Reference: Rucksack, ARVN FSN: 8465-782-3133 Assign Date: Unknown

M1944 & M1945 Pack System

Thursday November 12th, 2015 admin

“M-1944” Pack Set Name Army Stock Number Pack, Field, Combat 74-P-12-250 Pack, Field, Cargo 74-P-12-285 M-1945 Pack Set Name Pack, Field, Combat, M-1945 74-P-12-252 Pack, Field, Cargo, M-1945 74-P-12-287   Suspenders Name Army Stock Number Suspenders, Pack, Combat, Cargo 74-S-392-300