TL-122D Flashlight (WWII)

Wednesday March 23rd, 2016 admin

This kind of right angle fix focus flash became very popular after WWII. Thanks to it’s clip, it can be attached to belt or suspender and free user’s both hand while using. Stock number acquired.

M31 12-Inch Graphical Firing Table (WWII era)

Tuesday February 23rd, 2016 admin

12-Inch Graphical Firing Table is a table series for many kinds of guns and cannon, M31 is for 155mm M1 gun (also known as “Long Tom”). circa FEB, 2, 1945 Manual: TM 9-524 Stock Number Reference: Table, Graphical Firing, M31 Stock No: F1-0088048

IR Transmitter Light

Monday February 22nd, 2016 admin

The enclose Light, IR Transmitter is device to be used as an identification and marking aid for vehicle and personnel ID, convoy operation, mine/obstacles, lanes for helipads, passage point, etc. It can be attached to military vehicle or can be carried by individual soldiers as an identification device when operation […]

M256 and M256A1 Chemical Agent Detector Kit

Tuesday February 2nd, 2016 admin

The M256A1 Chemical Agent Detector Kit is used to detect and identify blood, blister and nerve agents present either as liquid or as vapor. May be used to determine when it is safe to unmask, to locate and identify chemical hazards (reconnaissance), and to monitor decontamination effectiveness. The M256 is […]

Medical Instrument and Supply Set Case No.8 (1990)

Friday January 22nd, 2016 admin

Stock Number Reference: Case, Medical Instrument and Supply Set, Nonrigid, No.8 NSN: 6545-01-094-6142 Assign Date: 1980-05-13 NSN Name Qty Unit 6545-01-094-6136 insert first aid kit CASE 1 ea 6505-00-914-3593 povidone-iodine, topical solution USP 1/50 bx 6508-01-265-0079 lipstick ANTICHAP 1/100 pg 6510-00-159-4883 dressing first aid FIELD 2 ea 6510-00-200-3180 bandage GAUZE […]

DT-236 Radiac Detector

Sunday January 3rd, 2016 admin

Inside this black plastic block there is a gamma ray photosensitive glass film, using sensitometry to determine radiation intensity. AN/PDR-75 is the device reading it’s radiation intensity. Stock Number Reference: Name NSN Assigned Date Detector, Radiac 6665-01-043-2191 1977-06-21

Jungle First Aid Pouch (Vietnam War era)

Sunday November 22nd, 2015 admin

Stock number reference: FIRST AID KIT, INDIVIDUAL FSN: 6545-823-8165 Assign Date: Unknown   Content List: Name FSN Unit QTY. Case, First Aid Kit, Empty 6545-912-0625 Ba 1 Benzalkonium Chloride Tinc. Tinted, 1:1000, 2cc 6505-299-8183 Bt 1 Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate Mix. 4.5 gm, 2s 6505-663-2636 Pg 1 Bandage, Gauze, Compressed, […]

Mattock Set (Modern)

Saturday November 21st, 2015 admin

Stock Number Reference: MATTOCK NSN: 5120-01-363-3690 Assign Date: 1992-08-28 Components Item NSN Assign Date HANDLE, MATTOCK-PICK 5120-01-369-5629 1992-08-28 CARRIER, MATTOCK 5140-01-369-7255 1992-08-28

M1910 T-handle Shovel

Saturday November 21st, 2015 admin

Shown set dated 1942.   Stock Number Reference: Intrenching Tool Intrenching Tool, M-1910 Army Stock Number: 74-S-160   Carrier Carrier, Intrenching Tool, M-1910 Army Stock Number: 74-C-137