Nylon In The Video Games Vol.3: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Author: Beta-TNT (Webmaster)


Big Boss

“Kept you waiting, huh?”

Sneaking Suit

The sneaking suit wore by Big Boss in GZ is the same as the one he uses in Peace Walker. It is fictional and has no direct real-world reference. It may based on some diving suit.

Big Boss’s sneaking suit in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, it’s reused in Ground Zeroes.

Night-Vision Goggles

The night-vision goggles are almost the second notable visual feature just next to the bandana of the “Snakes”. The night-vision goggles used in the GZ fused two real-world NVGs in one: AN/PVS-5 and AN/PVS-7.

Big Boss’s night-vision goggles

The lens and main body part of the NVG are based on AN/PVS-7, and the face piece comes from AN/PVS-5.

NVG in GZ’s art. The small lens next to the main lens is an infrared light used in the complete dark situation.
A real AN/PVS-7D, G.I. property.
A real AN/PVS-5C, G.I. property.
NVG used by Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, it looks like an AN/PVS-5.

In the game, the NVG vision is more like thermal fusion night vision. Objects with heat like armored vehicle and personnel are high-lighted in the NVG vision.

The NVG vision in the game.

SPIE Harness

The notable X straps.

In the game, Big Boss infiltrates and exfiltrates the mission area by chopper. So we can see he wears a set of SPIE Harness: Special Patrol Insertion / Extraction Harness.

A set of real SPIE Harness, G.I. property.

There is a problem on the model: the harness he wears has no attaching strap (the “tail”).


Let’s focus on the belt, Boss doesn’t carry too much gears on his belt: a magazine pouch, a Walkman (Sony WM-R55), a canteen, a field pack, a combat knife and a holster for carrying pistol.

The magazine pouch comes from M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment, I assume my readers are all familiar with it.

M-1956 Small Arms Ammunition Case, G.I. property.
SONY WALKMAN WM-R55, the very same to the Boss’s

On Boss’s hip he carries a Training Field Pack (or more common name, buttpack). It’s a kind of small bag for carrying supplies that not for emergency, such as poncho, rations, extra ammo, etc. Boss carries his field pack on the left hip instead of ordinary center, makes room for the knife and the rifle on his shoulder.

Field pack
Training Field Pack, G.I. property
The canteen and its pouch, G.I. property.

Kazuhira Miller

Kazuhira Miller CG from Peace Walker

Miller’s Appearance Source

In GZ, Miller looks the same as he in Peace Walker: sunglasses, yellow scarf, olive drab combat uniform, leather belt with large holster, all of these are refer to one point: Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore from the classic movie Apocalypse Now.

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore in Apocalypse Now

Combat Uniform

Not like the movie, Miller’s combat uniform isn’t ordinary Tropical Combat Uniform, it’s Flyer’s Hot Weather Shirt/Trousers. It’s fire resistant. The game modified the shirt’s pockets, makes them tilted like TCU’s pockets.

Vietnam War era Flyer’s Hot Weather Shirt and Trousers (ebay)


Marines in GZ

The mission area of GZ is in a secret military camp named Camp Omega, it locates in Cuba’s territory. The Marines are the security forces of the camp.

Marines in GZ’s art

Combat Uniform

The Marines in the game are all wear Tropical Combat Uniform. The webbings are the combination of M-1956 and M-1967.

Marine’s loadout built from GZ’s art (not the game model), G.I. property.

In the game, most Marines wears TCU in ERDL camouflage. But if you trigger the alarm, you can find the reinforcement Marines wears M-69 Body Armor and TCU in OG-107.

TCU in two colors


The reinforcement forces wear OG-107 TCU and M-69 Body Armor.
M-69 Body Armor, G.I. property.

Webbings And Equipment

The webbings Marines wear in GZ are combination of M-1956 and M-1967, or more precise, M-1956 ammo pouch and belt, and M-1967 suspenders.

Thanks to the FOX Engine, we can see every detail clearly.
M-1967 Suspenders, the game recreates it well. G.I. property.

Then the radio, the Marines use it to call reinforcement.

Portable radio

They are portable radio from PRC-68 family, such as RT-1547/PRC-126 or AN/PRC-128.

AN/PRC-128, G.I. property.

PRC-68 Radio Family are a group of portable radios, they equipped USMC in the 1970s, and then Air Force.

Another type of PRC-68 family radio pouch, more like the one in the game. G.I.’s property.
As for the small pouch on their hips, in theory it should be first aid kit pouch, but in the game it looks more like Sea Water Desalter Kit Pouch used in WWII by aviators and aircrews. G.I. property.

Mother Base Members

“That was perfect!”

Body Armor

In the Side Ops “Intel Operative Rescue”, Hideo Kojima Director acts as an intel operator of Mother Base. He wears a Aircrew Body Armor, a.k.a. “Chicken Plate”.

“What takes you so long?”

Aircrew Body Armor is the first body armor adopted by the US Army with ceramics as ballistic protective material. In the game the body armor is modified, with the pocket on the front carrier replaced by a piece of Velcro loop pile.

Aircrew wears Chicken Plate in the Vietnam War.
Aircrew Body Armor, G.I. property.
DSC_3985 DSC_3989
Aircrew Body Armor front ballistic insert plate. G.I. property.


The headset used by mother base members are based on David Clark Model H7030.


David Clark Model H7030 dual channel headset.