Experimental Marine Corps Fragmentation – Small Arms Protective Vest With Front Plate Body Armor, Type I

So far we have only little information about this armor.

  • It was designed by the NLAB, for Marine Corps. Both front carrier and back carrier are filled with ballistic nylon, so it is fragmentation protective.
  • Only the front carrier is plated, and the plate is shared with Army’s Variable Body Armor, so it is small arms protective. The usage of the pocket on the back is still unknown.
  • The one we got is a “Type I”
    • Supplier’s Name: USASC, Richmond, Va.
    • USANLABS Project Order No.: 71-51
    • MIPR M00027-9-7785 *
  • And there DOES exists a “Type II” (source: USMF).
    • Supplier’s Name: Phillips/Carborundum Co.
    • Contract number: DAAG17-71-C-0001 **
  • But I can’t tell the difference between Type I and II, maybe the plate or the fragmentation protective material made the difference.

*: M00027: Commandant Of The Marine Corps, Department Of The Navy

**: DAAG17: NLAB


Stock Number Reference:

Body Armor, Fragmentation – Small Arms Protective Vest With Front Plate (Marine Corps), Type I, Exp.

FSN: (not assigned)

Size: Large Long

Front view
Rear view
Quick release buckles
Quick release buckles opened
Front carrier inner side
Back carrier inner side
Adjustable cummerbund
Ballistic plate pocket
Strap for mounting pouch, compatible for slider keeper pouch and double hook pouch
Small mounting strap piece
Non-slide fabric applied on the shoulder places, and rifle butt stopper
Front plate is the same as Army’s Variable Body Armor
Front plate label, its straps for standalone usage has been removed
The label