First Spear SCAR-H Chest Rig / SCAR Heavy Operator Carrying Kit (SHOCK), AOR1

(description copied from archived official webstore.)

SCAR Heavy Operator Carrying Kit (SHOCK)

The 7.62 SCAR Heavy (SHOCK) will carry 4 20-round magazines and has modular attachment fields on either side of the magazine pouches.  Retention of the magazines is provided by a shock cord and an additional pocket attachment is provided on the front of the magazine pockets. This item can be worn alone or over body armor. It also fits magazines for the LT OBR, AR10, M14, HK91/G3, SR25/Mk11/M110

Weight: 0.94 lbs.

Brand First Spear
Item Name SCAR Heavy Operator Carrying Kit (SHOCK)
Color AOR-1
Part Number 300-12-00010-500600
Date 2013 (label)
NSN 8465-01-612-3079
Assign Date 2012-10-09
Reference Link (outdated)