M256A2 Chemical Agent Detector Kit

MIL-DTL-51490, Revision D, January 10, 2017 – Detector Kit, Chemical Agent: M256A2

This specification covers one type of detector kit used to determine the presence or absence of contamination from nerve, blister, blood, and lewisite chemical warfare agents.

The kit includes six individually packaged M256A2 sampler detectors, four packages of Low Volatility Hazard (LVH) components, a packaged booklet of M8 paper, a set of instruction cards, and a canteen size carrier pouch. Each M256A2 sampler detector is used to sample the air to determine if nerve, blood, or blister agents are present. The LVH components, when used with the kits sampler detectors, enable a user to detect nerve or blister agents present in liquid or solid form on suspected contaminated surfaces (see 6.1). In this specification, the terms sampler detector, sampler assembly, and sampler are considered synonymous.

Source: MIL-DTL-51490 : Detector Kit, Chemical Agent: M256A2

Manual: TM 3-6665-426-10


Stock Number Reference:

Detector Kit, Chemical Agent: M256A2

NSN: 6665-01-563-7473

Assign Date: 2008-05-20

Carrying Case of M256A2 Kit
Low Volatility Hazard (LVH, brown packs) and M256A2 sampler detectors (olive drab packs)
ABC-M8 Paper