Army Cold Weather Flyers Glove

Cold Weather Flyers Glove

Recently approved for Army Aviation use, the Cold Weather Flyers Glove is appropriate for use inside and outside of vehicles. Made of NOMEX® and GORE-TEX®, this combat glove is both fire-resistant and waterproof, yet breathable for comfort. The design of the Cold Weather Flyers Glove allows for superior dexterity for firing accuracy.

  • Approved for Army Aviation use
  • Fire-resistant for flash fire protection
  • Gore-Tex® Glove Insert – Waterproof, windproof & breathable for warmth in cold wet conditions
  • Superior dexterity for firing accuracy
  • Non-melt antimicrobial lining for high heat protection and no bacteria growth

“The only comfortable Fire Resistant Combat glove for use inside and outside of a vehicle, that can also withstand a soaking rain.”



Stock Number Reference:

Glove, Cold Weather, Flyers

Assign Date: 2017-02-15

Size-PN-MCN-NSN Sheet
Size Part Number MCN MCN
70N (S) CWF-FG-70N-S 8415-01-F00-5710 8415-01-661-0981
70W (M) CWF-FG-70W-M 8415-01-F00-5711 8415-01-661-0868
75N (L) CWF-FG-75N-L 8415-01-F00-5712 8415-01-661-0865
75W (XL) CWF-FG-75W-XL 8415-01-F00-5713 8415-01-661-0870
80W (XXL) CWF-FG-80W-XXL 8415-01-F00-5714 8415-01-661-0856

Item provided by G.I.’s friend.