AWS Strike Vest / Chest Rig, Black, 2021

(Description copied from official webstore)


  • MFG: AWS, Inc
  • Military grade quality.
  • 4 ea M-16 30 rnd magazines.
  • Or 4 ea MP-5 9mm mags.
  • 1 ea 9mm or .45 cal pistol mag.
  • Small & compact.
  • Adj. shoulder straps w/ QR buckles.
  • Black
  • Berry compliant.

This is an “old school” product that we made originally in 1982 for a special unit. These were the days before body armor & hard plates. We planned to phase it out but the demand is still there from our customers. Funny how things come full circle sometimes.

Production overruns from a military special operations contract. Ideal for general purpose, emergency or covert operations. This strike vest is the choice of many PSD contractors as well as police officers and soldiers who require a chest pouch configuration to hold magazines. Easily worn over body armor or covertly under civilian clothes.

Brand AWS Inc.
Item Name Strike Vest / Chest Rig
Color Black
Part Number #52998
Date 2021
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