Adventure Lights VIPIR Government Agent Signal Light

Visual Identification Projector (VIP)

(Description copied from official reseller’s webstore.)

To prevent accidental overt illumination, this model features a one way bezel that needs to go through two IR modes before switching to overt light. The overt light position also has a programmed delay so that it can be dialed through without activating. The light has one IR, and one Green light steady-on mode and a programmed IR mode that incorporates a very distinctive flash pattern so it is not confused with any other ambient or IR light sources.

Brand Adventure Lights
Item Name VIPIR Government Agent
Color Black
Illuminators 3 Infra-Red LED, 2 Green LED
Part Number 02608-2
Canada NSN 5850-20-005-0233
Assign Date (Canada NSN) 2009-08-28
U.S. NSN (acquired)
Assign Date (U.S. NSN) (acquired)
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