Navy PRU-70/P22P-18 (V) Aircrewman’s Armored Survival Vest

Navy helicopter and non-fighter aircraft personnel are in the process of receiving new armored survival vests.

The vests, developed at the Naval Air Systems Command, replace bulky, two-sizes fits all configurations that did not win raves by crews. Users said that they did not like the weight, heat and other stressors associated with the older vests.

The new gear, which is called the PRU-70/P22P-18 (V), is constructed in part of a Halo-Tech, a fire retardant material and will be offered in a coyote brown camouflage color that matches about 70 percent of the world’s terrain.

It replaces three pieces of equipment: the AirSave survival vest, separate body armor and the current PRU-60B.




PRU-70/P22P-18 (V) Aircrewman’s Armored Survival Vest

Ensembled Set Part Number:

Size-Part Number Sheet
Size Part Number
Small 7701-COY-S
Medium 7701-COY-M
Large 7701-COY-L
X-Large 7701-COY-XL

Vest Part Number:

Size-Part Number Sheet
Size Part Number
Small 3561AS502-1
Medium 3561AS502-2
Large 3561AS502-3
X-Large 3561AS502-4

Pocket Part Number:

Item-Part Number Sheet
Name Part Number Qty. per set
Set of Pockets 8465-00-NSH-2008
HABD/SEA Pocket 8465-00-NSH-2007 1 ea.
Radio Pocket 8465-00-NSH-2006 1 ea.
General Pocket 8465-00-NSH-2005 5 ea.
Vest, front
Vest, back

Front carrier, outer side

Front carrier, inner side

Back carrier, outer side

Back carrier, inner side

Carrier joint

Front carrier thigh strap
Radio pocket for AN/PRC-90 survival radio

Item provided by G.I.’s friend.