Marine Assault Load Carrier (ALC) MACK System Chest Rig And 100oz Hydration Pouch (Experimental)

Assault Load Carrier (ALC)

(Description copied from archived contract synopsis.)

Commercial Area Announcement Overview and Objective: By means of this Commercial Area Announcement (CAA), the Marine Corps System Command is seeking breakthrough ideas incorporated in a commercially available load bearing chest/vest system. Our goal is to use proven commercial systems to maximize the mobility and survivability of the individual Marine. The need for an improved system has resulted from event encountered during Operation Enduring Freedom whereby deficiencies with the current load bearing equipment were identified. The United States Marine Corps is seeking a commercial system that is simple, functional, durable, and lightweight. Specially, Capable of being properly worn by a female Marine in the 5th percentile and a male Marine in the 95th percentile.

  • Capable of carrying a 6 full loaded M16A2 magazines.
  • Have pouches to carry fragmentation grenades.
  • Have removable pouches to carry smoke grenades.
  • Must be compatible with the placement of the main or assault packs.
  • Must be compatible with a tubular hydration system.
  • Must be compatible with the wearing of the Outer Tactical Vest (Body armor). NSN: 8470-01-465-1875 XS; 1901 SM; 1904 MED; 1907 LG; 1911 XL.
  • Capable of carrying the M-9 Service pistol.
  • Able to produce variants to carry specialized equipment, i.e. Navy Corpsman, 40mm HE and illumination rounds, M249 200 round drums, etc.
  • The design should be compatible with the Improved Load Bearing Equipment (ILBE) pack systems proposed by ILBE candidates Bianchi International and Propper International.
  • Must incorporate the interlocking Weave Attachment System specified in the Statement of Objectives (SOO) for the ILBE.
  • The design should provide Marines with quantifiable improvements in overall system capabilities when compared to Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) Fighting Load Carrier.

The Marine Corps intends to use this responses to this CAA to formulate a picture of the state of what is is possible in the commercial marketplace and to incorporate those findings into a solicitation to meet its objectives. If the Marine Corps elects to issue a solicitation, it intends, consistent with applicable law and regulation, to solicit using a Request for Commercial Offerings that will be provided to all commercial entities that respond to this CAA, as well as any other commercial concerns interested in responding to this solicitation. This CAA is published for informational purposes only. Responses in any form are not offering. Issuance of this CAA should not be construed as obligating the Marine Corps, in any way, to issue a solicitation or to award contract in furtherance of this objective discussed herein. No funds are available to pay for preparing responses to this CAA. Responses to this CAA should include product literature and a discussion, in broad terms, of 1) the commercially available system and/or design with could be used or adapted to meet the Marine Corps requirement; 2) a rough estimate of the price of each approach; 3) a discussion of any customary business practices that might affect the firm fulfillment of the requirement; 4) a discussion of how the product complies with Berry Amendment requirement for manufacture in the U.S. from material of U.S. origin; 5) a discussion of any potential participation by small, HUB zone small, small disadvantaged, or woman-owned small business concerns; and 6) a statement as to whether the firm responding to the CAA. Responses should refer to CAA Number M67854-03-R-3093. Firms may submit more than one product or approach for fulfilling the requirement. Firms submitting product samples with their written response shall submit only one product sample for each response, and shall include information for returning the product samples. All samples submitted shall be returned at the conclusion of the CAA phase. Responses to this CAA should be received no later than 25, April, 2003. Responses received after date may not be considered in the degerming whether to issue a Request for Commercial Offerings or in what the nature of the Request for Commercial Offerings will be. Responses shall be submitted to the following address: Commander, MARCORSYSCOM, Atten: S.Leigh D’Lugos (CTQ/PMM-162), 2201A Willis Street, Quantico, VA 22134-6050.

Contracting Office Address: Department of the Navy, United States Marine Corps, Marine Corps System Command, 2033 Barnett Avenue Suite 315, Quantico, VA, 22134-5010


Contract Number (PIIN): M67854-03-R-3093

Date: 2003 (contract date and buckle)

Manufacture: Savannah Luggage Works

Label Content
Chest Rig 100oz Hydration Pouch
M67854-03-R-3093 PDS
M67854-03-R-3093 PDS


MACK Chest Rig

MACK Chest Rig, front
MACK Chest Rig, back


MACK 100OZ. Hydration Pouch

100Oz. Hydration Pouch