Marine Improved Glove Insert, CG483

The inserts shall be of four fingers and one thumb design with elastic cuffs; the front exterior side of the palm, fingers, and thumb shall be designed with a non-slip grip-enhanced surface; the material used in the insert’s production shall provide comfort (e.g. wick moisture away from the skin, be quick-drying, provide appropriate heat retention, and not cause itch, rash, or other discomfort) to the wearer; the inserts shall be Camouflage Green 483 in color; the inserts must provide adequate warmth to the wearer when worn under the Light Duty Work Glove during activity in dry environments in a temperature range of 40 to 50°F; the inserts shall be provided in multiple sizes so as to fit under the five sizes of the Light Duty Work Glove and the 5th percentile female Marine to 95th percentile male Marine; they shall be capable of withstanding contact with a 400°F surface for five seconds; and the inserts shall be capable of being laundered without problems with shrinkage, melting, and colorfastness.


Stock Number Reference:

Glove Inserts, Cold Weather

Size-NSN Sheet
Size NSN Assign Date
1 8415-01-463-2191 1999-03-11
2 8415-01-463-2196 1999-03-11
3 8415-01-463-2374 1999-03-12
4 8415-01-463-2381 1999-03-12
5 8415-01-463-2385 1999-03-12