Med-Eng Integrated Dismounted Armor System™ (Gunner), IDAS(G)

Integrated Dismounted Armor System™ (IDAS)

(Description copied from archived official online catalog.)

The Integrated Dismounted Armor System™ (Gunner), or IDAS(G), is a variant of the standard IDAS system, and is designed for the specific needs of vehicle gunners. IDAS(G) uses the same armor plates as the standard IDAS but features heavier base protection in the arms to protect against multi-threat injuries from roadside IEDs and bullets.

The lightweight armor enables vehicle gunners to perform dismounted operations as required without removing protection or losing mobility. The IDAS(G) protection can be upgraded using 6″” SAPI plates in the vital deltoid and hip areas to help prevent lateral gunshot injuries.

IDAS(G) is worn under the existing OTV vest and can be worn in a basic or full configuration (with arm and leg armor extensions).


  • Mission specific use (vehicle gunner duty).
  • Flexible Ballistic armor plates.
  • 6″ SAPI plate pockets on hips and deltoids for greater ballistic protection.
  • Compatible to DAPs system.
  • Worn under existing OTV.
  • Lightweight MILSPEC mesh to reduce heat.
  • “Invisible Armor” concept (next to skin).
  • Armored waist / Hip belt.
  • Issued with Military Standard Suspenders.
Brand Med-Eng
Item Name Integrated Dismounted Armor System™ (Gunner)
Color / Size Digital Desert Camouflage / Small
Part Number (acquired)
Date 2006 (label)
Reference Link (Outdated)

Mesh liner

deltoid 6″ SAPI plate pocket

Thigh plate carrier

Knee pads

Armored waist / hip belt

Belt suspenders

Belt suspenders