Yates Helo Personal Retention Lanyard w/Kong Frog, 31″ Extended. Terra

(Description copied from official online catalog.)

For use as a personal retention lanyard in a helicopter. Unique Kong FROG 360 now with built in swivel, quick-release mechanism on one end (Strength 23kN) is designed to hook directly into helicopter floor rings. Built with NEW Custom made 5000lb. mil-spec 5625 tubular webbing weave pattern but wider( 1 1/8″ width). New webbing has better cut resistance than standard 1″ mil-spec 5625 tubular webbing. Lanyard rated strength 4275 lbf. (19kN). Lanyards now comes labeled with the date of MFG and 15 kN designation. Kong Tango double locking snap hook is classified to meet NFPA 1983/2017 edition standards. T rated. Strength 7425 lbf. (33kN). Made in the USA.

Also makes great lightweight Dog leash. Connect FROG to the dog collar and Kong Tango to operators’ riggers belt.

  • Available in terra and black
  • Length retracted 22 inches
  • Length fully extended 31 inches
Brand Yates Gear, Inc.
Item Name Helo Personal Retention Lanyard w/Kong Frog, 31″ Extended
Color Terra
Part Number 565FROGB
Date 2018
NSN 4240-01-666-0860
Assign Date 2017-08-23
Reference Link http://www.yatesgear.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=673