Army Parka Type Overcoat, With Pile Liner (“M-1947 Parka”, 1948)

A.K.A. “M-1947 Parka”, shown one is Army version, size Medium.


Stock Number Reference:

Overcoat, Parka Type, With Pile Liner

Size – Army Stock Number sheet
Size Army Stock Number
X-Small 55-O-3139-40
Small 55-O-3139-35
Medium 55-O-3139-30
Large 55-O-3139-25
X-Large 55-O-3139-45

front, without liner

side, without liner

back, without liner

hood, without liner

front, with liner attached

side, with liner attached

back, with liner attached



parka shell inside out

hood, with liner attached

belt tunnel

Item provided by G.I.’s friend.