Bren-Tronics Soldier Portable System

Soldier Portable System (SPS)


  • State of the art, lightweight portable power system capable of recharging batteries and/or acting as a continuous power source.
  • Intended for those users that require a lightweight and highly portable rechargeable battery system.
Brand Bren-Tronics
Item Name Soldier Portable System
Color 3-color desert camouflage solar panel, 6-color desert camouflage waterproof bag
Part Number BTK-70689
Date 2015
NSN 6130-01-606-4534
Assign Date 2012-05-18
Reference Link Rev E.pdf (outdated)


Item Part Number NSN Assign Date
62 Watt Solar Panel BTP-70822-3T 6117-01-648-5895 2015-09-25
x90 Scavenger BTA-70768 6130-01-606-3735 2012-05-17
Female Cigarette Lighter BTA-70769 6130-01-606-9488 2012-05-25
Water Proof Bag 450437 8105-01-606-9187 2012-05-25
8′ Trailer Hitch Extension Cable 390651 6150-01-606-5954 2012-05-22
Solar Adapter BB-2590/U or BB-2557/U BTA-70782 6130-01-606-4602 2012-05-18
Advanced Charge Controller BTC-70663 6130-01-606-3731 2012-05-17
Isolated Pass Thru Cable BTA-70781A 5325-01-609-0355 2012-07-13
Trailer Hitch Conn w/ NATO Slave BTA-70671 6150-01-688-0736 2020-05-01
AC / DC Converter 591955-1 (acquired) (acquired)
MBITR/Falcon Eliminator BTX-70716 6130-01-606-5333 2012-05-18
Solar Adapter MBITR/Falcon BTA-70810S 6130-01-606-4612 2012-05-18
Solar Adapter Land Warrior Batteries BTA-70686S (acquired) (acquired)

Item provided by G.I.’s friend.