Marine 40mm Grenade Multi-Round System, GMRS

Grenade Multi-Round System

(Description copied from official webstore)

Our 40mm Belt will hold 12 rounds of any 40mm ammunition, such as HE, DP, shotshell or Lum rounds. Rounds are held in place by elastic loops and secured by a hook and loop flap. The adjustable belt can be worn around the waist or slung across the body.

(Description copied from MARCORSYSCOM official)

The Grenadier Set is a suite of three 40mm grenade pouches and one 40mm Grenade Multi-Round System (GMRS) to support the standard combat load for a Marine grenadier. The pouches are Commercial-Off-The-Shelf.

The 40mm GMRS is a 12 round adjustable bandolier. The 40mm Grenade Pouch can hold one 40mm grenade and is Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) compatible.

Individual Load Bearing Equipment Capabilities Development Document, Change 5, dated 15 Apr 2013

Brand Tactical Tailor
Item Name Grenade Multi-Round System
Color Coyote Brown
Part Number 50023-14
Date 2014
NSN By Manufacture 1310-01-585-0149
Assign Date 2010-05-13
NSN By MARSORSYSCOM 8465-01-620-7022
Assign Date 2013-08-06
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