M48 Apache Aviator Aircraft Chemical-Biological Mask

(Description copied from Technical Manual)

The M48 mask protects the face, eyes, and respiratory system of the user from chemically, biologically, and radiologically toxic environments. Positive air pressure is supplied to the facepiece by the blower assembly.

The incoming air is pulled through two filter canisters, which remove contaminants from the air. The airflow is split three ways by controls on the facepiece assembly; the majority of the incoming air is directed into the facepiece assembly for breathing; another path feeds the lens defog system, which keeps the lenses free from condensation; the third path feeds the cooling duct, which directs air under the hood for user comfort.

Primary protection from toxic environments is provided by the facepiece assembly, which consists of the faceblank and the suspension harness. The faceblank contains the inlet valve assembly, outlet valve assembly, microphone assembly, voicemitter, drinking tube, lenses, and the butyl hood with a secondary skirt. The facepiece assembly is held securely on the head by the adjustable suspension harness.



  • TM 3-4240-342-10 (Operator’s Manual For Mask, Chemical-Biological, Aircraft: Apache Aviator, M48)


Stock Number Reference:

Mask, Chemical-Biological, Aircraft: Apache Aviator, M84

Size-NSN sheet
Size NSN Assign Date
Small 4240-01-386-0198 1994-01-25
Medium 4240-01-386-4686 1994-02-04
Large 4240-01-386-0201 1994-01-25
X-Large 4240-01-386-0207 1994-01-25
C420 Blower, front
C420 Blower, back
Mask Carrier
Facepiece Carrier