Integrated Head Protection System, IHPS

The Integrated Head Protection System (IHPS) consisting of a retention system, suspension system, helmet cover, maxillofacial protective system, hearing protection, and NVD bracket. The IHPS provides improved fragmentation, ballistic, and impact protection while reducing weight and improving fit over the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) and the Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH). IHPS provides better accelerative impact protection than the ACH and ECH. IHPS provides attachment points for Maxillofacial protection.


Source: Program Executive Office Soldier


IHPS is a part of Soldier Protection System (SPS)


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Integrated Head Protection System

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NSN-Size sheet
Size Part Number (Ceradyne, INC.) MCN NSN Assign Date
Small 10045031 8470-01-F05-2067 8470-01-672-2752 2008-04-26
Medium 10045032 8470-01-F05-2068 8470-01-672-2727 2008-04-26
Large 10045033 8470-01-F05-2069 8470-01-672-2383 2008-04-25
X-Large 10045034 8470-01-F05-2070 8470-01-671-9927 2008-04-18

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US Army Soldier Protection System (SPS)