Tier 2 PPS Protective Overgarment (POG)

The POG is worn over the Army Combat Uniform trousers and provides protection of the pelvis, femoral arteries, and lower abdominal organs in a blast or fragmentation event. The POG will also reduce the penetration of dirt and fine debris into a wound area to prevent infections.


source: https://soldiersystems.net/2012/04/10/us-army-seeking-sources-for-protective-over-garment/

Stock Number Reference:

Tier 2 PPS Protective Overgarment (POG)

Assign Date: 2011-09-09

OEF Camouflage Pattern

Size-MCN Sheet
Size MCN
Small 8470-01-F01-1401
Medium 8470-01-F01-1402
Large 8470-01-F01-1403

Armor Inserts and OCP Carriers
Position Armor NSN Carrier NSN
Front 8470-01-599-0260 8470-01-599-0257
Center 8470-01-599-0261 8470-01-599-0258
Rear 8470-01-599-0263 8470-01-599-0259
Left to right: front, center and rear armor
One Size Fits All
Color Set NSN Carrier NSN
OCP 8470-01-599-0164 8470-01-599-0167
Desert MARPAT 8470-01-599-0159 8470-01-599-0162
Woodland MARPAT 8470-01-599-0161 8470-01-599-0163

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