AWS AK-47 Chest Pouch, Ranger Green

(Description copied from official webstore)


  • MFG: AWS, Inc.
  • Military grade quality.
  • MILSPEC materials.
  • For AK-47 weapons.
  • Holds 6 ea 30 rnd mags.
  • Cleaning kit pocket.
  • Grenade pocket.
  • Hook/loop on pouch flaps.
  • Tabs for attaching 550 cord.
  • Edge binding.
  • Stress point bar tacks.
  • High quality for rugged use.
  • Fully Adjustable.
  • One size “fits all”.
  • SR buckles for quick release.
  • 1,000 denier nylon cloth
  • Berry/TAA compliant.
  • Made in USA.

100% “Made in USA” and Berry compliant. Specially made to comply with US government purchases that require “MADE IN USA” end products. A copy of the standard AK-47 chest pouch but higher quality and MILSPEC. Holds standard 30 round Ak mags, cleaning kit, grenades, etc. A great all around general purpose, high quality chest rig for the AK-47 and similar style of weapons

Brand AWS Inc.
Item Name AK-47 Chest Pouch
Color Ranger Green
Part Number #51247
Date 2018
Reference Link