AWS Direct Action (DA) Plate Carrier Vest, Woodland (2000s)

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This is the famous Army Special Force Direct Action Trauma Armor. Very similar to the RAV armor, but without the cut-away system and the PALS system. Features: Woodland camo. Velcro attached modular pouches, zip-on back panel, external light stick holder at the elastic side strap, adjustable shoulder by snaps, shoulder protection pads, back radio pouches. Used by Army SF DA teams and USAF SF teams.

Brand AWS Inc.
Item Name Direct Action (DA) Plate Carrier Vest
Color/Size Woodland, Medium
Part Number (acquired)
Date 2000s
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Pouches and accessories

Pistol mag pouch, front

Pistol mag pouch, rear

M-16/M-4 mag pouch, front

M-16/M4 mag pouch, rear

Zippered panel, front

Zippered panel, rear

Zippered back panel, flashbang pockets

Zippered back panel, utility pocket

Zippered back panel, medic pouch

M-16/M-4 mag pouch beneath the cummerbund

Radio pouch on the left, size for MBITR.

Fixed radio pouch on the right, size for PRC-68 family portable radio like RT-1547/PRC-126 or AN/PRC-128
Vest front with pouches removed.
Vest rear with zippered back panel removed.
Vest front with cummerbund removed