AH-1S Cobra Attack Helicopter Helmet Sighting System (HSS) Helmet Sight Assembly (1984)

The helmet sight assembly is a lightweight aluminum visor housing with a magnetic receptacle containing a reed switch attached near the top rear and a sight assembly attached to the front. The aluminum visor housing is precision attached to the SPH-4 helmet when the existing visor cover is removed. For initial installation, an installation kit containing special fasteners and tools and a small visor knob is furnished with each helmet sight assembly.


Manual Reference:

  • TM 9-1270-212-14&P
  • TM 9-4931-363-14&P
  • TM 10-8415-206-12&P


Stock Number Reference:

Helmet Sight Assembly

NSN: 1270-00-578-0536

Assign Date: 1974-12-11