Chemical Heating Pad (1985)

Directions on the refile pad:

Insert pencil or point or pointed object about three inches into funnel to clear opening. Then slowly pour water as directed.

  1. Caution – these pads generate temperatures between 110 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit and can cause burnt on unprotected skin, unless properly applied.
  2. Slowly pour two tablespoons of water into opening, vigorously shake or knead until warm, then put into pocket of outer case.
  3. When through using, removing inner case and set aside to cool and dry. Caution – NEVER PLACE HOT UNIT ON ANY SURFACE DAMAGED BY HEAT.
  4. Each application is sufficient for approx. 8 hours of continuous heat if pad remains covered. Each of seven subsequent uses will take a little longer to reach highest temperature. Allow for warm up period. DO NOT USE EXCEED WATER.
  5. To reheat, repeat as directed above. Crush or knead out any lumps prior to addition of water, shake occasionally to keep pad at highest temperature.


Stock Number Reference:

Name NSN Assign Date
Pad, Heating, Chemical 6530-00-786-4635 Unknown
Refile, Chemical Heating Pad 6530-00-786-4640 Unknown