Eagle Industries Trial/Movie Props Pouch Set, OD (2002)

We got these pouch in set alone with an RRV-like vest (but with buckles on the shoulder straps, like BHI CRCH). All pouches are in olive drab, buckles dated 2002, some of the pouches are slightly different to the issued/commercial ones somehow, and none of then has item name label.

Maybe they were made for trial or movie props propose.

Brand Eagle Industries
Item Name (Trial/Movie Props Pouch Set)
Color Olive Drab
Part Number N/A
Date 2002 (buckle)
Reference Link N/A

M-4 Triple Mag Pouch

Possible P/N: MS-MP3-M4/2-OD


Ammo Pouch-Shotgun 12 RDS.

Possible P/N: MS-AP-SG/12-OD

Utility Pouch (MISC)

Possible P/N: MS-UT-935-OD

no elastic loop on the inner side

M-9 Triple Mag Pouch FB Style

Possible P/N: MS-MP3-M9/FB1-OD

Never seen triple M9 mag FB pouch with MOLLE system on catalog or anywhere, only single or double.

1 Quarter Canteen Pouch

Possible P/N: MS-CTP-1L-OD

ITW SR-1 female buckle replaced by SurMount female buckle, with a segment of elastic webbing sewn beneath.
Inner side out.

Frag Grenade Pouch-Single

Possible P/N: MS-FGC-1-OD

Smoke Grenade Pouch-Single

Possible P/N: MS-SGC-1-OD

Pop Flare Pouch-Single Up

Possible P/N: MS-PFC/U-1-OD

Velcro and snap (not buckle) closure

Motorola Walkabout Carrier

Possible P/N: RP-MW-OD