AN/VDR-2 Radiac Set (1986)

(Content from tech manual)

Used to locate and measure radioactivity in the form of gamma rays and beta particles, Displays dose rates and total accumulated dose resulting from a fallout field.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Battery operated
  • Self-testing during operation or on demand by operator
  • Autoranging


  • Detects, measures, and displays level of gamma radiation dose rate from 0.01 µGy/hr. to 100 Gy/hr.
  • Detects and displays level of beta particle dose rate from 0.01 µGy/hr. to 5 cGy/hr.
  • Measures, stores, and displays accumulated dose from 0.01 µGy to 9.99 Gy.
  • Flashes display to indicate reduced-accuracy condition when measuring dose rates from 10 Gy/hr. and above.


  • Liquid crystal display (LCD) shows three digits, decimal point, and unit of measure for dose rate or accumulated dose; also indicates low batteries and faults.
  • Can be vehicle mounted with vehicle power actuating alarms and intercoms; computes and displays dose rates external to vehicle.
  • Audible or visual alarm independently preset for dose rate and accumulated dose.


Manual: TM 11-6665-251-10


Stock Number Reference:

Radiac Set, AN/VDR-2

NSN: 6665-01-222-1425

Assign Date: 1985-12-07

Name NSN Assign Date
Radiacmeter, IM-243/VDR-2 6665-01-240-2586 1986-09-11
Probe, Radiac DT-616/VDR-2 5985-01-251-2716 1987-03-16
Mount, Resilient Unit, MT-6123/VDR-2 5340-01-222-1374 1985-12-07
Pouch, Radiac Set 6665-01-295-7387 1989-03-10
Strap, Radiac Set (P/N: A3085600) N/A