RT-1547/PRC-126 Portable Radio

The RT-1547/PRC-126 is a short range, handheld tactical radio for use primarily at the squad/platoon level. AN/PRC-126 is a lightweight, militarized transceiver providing two-way, voice-communications. The radio covers the frequency range of 30-87.975 megahertz. Its nominal range for reliable communications over rolling, slightly wooded terrain is 3,000 meters. The radio is capable of interoperating with the AN/VRC-12, AN/PRC-77, and SINCGARS families of radios in the fixed frequency mode. AN/PRC-126 enables small unit leaders to adequately control the activities of subordinate elements in carrying out the unit’s mission. AN/PRC-126 is required for the Infantry, Rangers and Special Forces.

AN/PRC-126 radio is a member of PRC-68 radio family.

Source: PRC68.COM


Stock Number Reference:

Receiver-Transmitter, RT-1547/PRC126

NSN: 5895-01-256-9639

Assign Date: 1987-06-10

AN/PRC-128 (left) and RT-1547/PRC-126 (right)

Nomenclature NSN Assign Date
Bag, Carrying 5820-01-255-4068 1987-05-20
Carrier, AN/PRC-68 Radio Set 8465-01-157-1157 1983-06-30
Battery, Non-rechargeable, BA5588-U 6135-01-088-2708 1980-01-10
Battery, Non-rechargeable, BA5588A-U 6135-01-447-5083 1997-08-08
Battery, Rechargeable, BB-388A/U 6140-01-419-8190 1995-09-30
Antenna, AS-4094/PRC-126 5895-01-299-0845 1989-04-25
Antenna, AS-3961/PRC-126 5985-01-280-3606 1988-06-08
Antenna, AT-892/PRC-25 5820-00-889-3803 Unknown
Handset, H-250/U 5965-01-247-4723 1987-01-06
Adapter Group, Vehicular, OF-185/PRC 5820-01-301-6301 1989-06-02

Division Trooper on guard duty w/ PRC-126 radio (Operation JUST CAUSE)