AN/PRC-128 Portable Radio

The AN/PRC-128 is a short range, handheld tactical radio for use primarily by Air Force guards and special operations teams. It was not intended for Army combat use. AN/PRC-128 is a lightweight, militarized transceiver providing two-way, voice-communications. The radio covers the frequency range of 30-87.975 megahertz or 130 – 173.9875 Mhz depending on which RF module is installed. Its nominal range for reliable communications over rolling, slightly wooded terrain is 3,000 meters. The radio is capable of interoperating with the AN/VRC-12, AN/PRC-77, and SINCGARS families of radios in the VHF Low band fixed frequency mode. AN/PRC-128 enables small unit leaders to adequately control the activities of subordinate elements in carrying out the unit’s mission.


AN/PRC-128 radio is a member of PRC-68 radio family.


Source: PRC68.COM


Stock Number Reference:

Receiver-Transmitter Set, Radio, AN/PRC-128

NSN: 5820-01-288-0625

Assign Date: 1988-11-02



AN/PRC-128 (left) and RT-1547/PRC-126 (right)

Nomenclature NSN Assign Date
Bag, Carrying 5820-01-255-4068 1987-05-20
Carrier, AN/PRC-68 Radio Set 8465-01-157-1157 1983-06-30
Battery, Non-rechargeable, BA5588-U 6135-01-088-2708 1980-01-10
Battery, Non-rechargeable, BA5588A-U 6135-01-447-5083 1997-08-08
Battery, Rechargeable, BB-388A/U 6140-01-419-8190 1995-09-30
Antenna, AS-4094/PRC-126 5895-01-299-0845 1989-04-25
Antenna, AS-3961/PRC-126 5985-01-280-3606 1988-06-08
Antenna, AT-892/PRC-25 5820-00-889-3803 Unknown
Handset, H-250/U 5965-01-247-4723 1987-01-06
Adapter Group, Vehicular, OF-185/PRC 5820-01-301-6301 1989-06-02