Quick Release Pouch/Case Attachment System For MOLLE

Idea: Beta-TNT


Last week, a photo of a Marine (or a Corpsman) caught my eyes. He carries a medic pouch on his body armor, but he doesn’t use the MOLLE attachment, instead, he uses a quick release strap with a buckle. With this mechanism, he can take the pouch off quick if necessary.

There is a lot of medic pouch products with quick release mechanism already, but what I want is a common solution for any pouch or case in similar size. I believe there must be a nice and clean way for this.

That marine (or corpsman) inspires me a lot, I decided to follow the strap way. Then I came up with a perfect idea: together with MOLLE panel, a single strap gear with several buckles or other hardware will do the trick, but the key is that every hardware on that strap must be able to go through MOLLE strap, and since it is MOLLE compatible, the strap and hardware must be 25mm. So I’ve to abandon MOJAVE and SR1.

After some search and test work, I chose Duraflex Smart Idea Magic Slider as the quick release hardware: it is slim and small, makes it easy to go through MOLLE strap. The full list of material is below:

Material Size Qty.
Duraflex Smart Idea Magic Slider (non adj.) 32mm (not 25mm) 1 ea.
Duraflex Silk Clip 25mm 2 ea.
Duraflex Heavy Duty Sliplok 25mm 2 ea.
Webbing 25mm 85cm * 1 ea.

Here is the final item:



After test, I believe it is stable and reliable enough for this purpose.