Eagle Industries Custom Props Loadouts For Broken Arrow The Movie (1995)

A set of loadouts made by Eagle Industries for Broken Arrow the movie. Used by the USAF PJ search team (366th Air Rescue) in the movie. All items are in olive drab, buckles dated 1994 or 1995. Includes:

Brand Eagle Industries
Item Name Props Loadouts For Broken Arrow The Movie
Color Olive Drab
Part Number N/A
Date 1995
Reference Link N/A

Custom MP-5 Load-Bearing Vest Integrated With Extraction Harness

An LBV style vest integrated with a STABO style extraction harness. The one we got was used by the search team leader Chief Master Sergeant Sam Rhodes (Vondie Curtis-Hall).


  • Left Section:
    • MP-5 Magazine Pouch * 3
    • 1st Aid / Small Utility Pouch
    • L-Shaped Flashlight Holder With Elastic Loop
  • Right Section:
    • MP-5 Magazine Pouch * 3
    • Frag Grenade Pouch * 2

marker on the strap

“Rhodes” wrote on both shoulder pads inner sides, refers Lt. Colonel Sam Rhodes (Vondie Curtis-Hall)


Butt Pack Military Style

SAS MK-III Holster

Thigh strap buckle removed.


Custom Leg Drop Pouch

Looks like SAS Gas Mask Pouch (SAS-GMP), but not exactly, seems to be a custom item.

Custom Mini Radio Pouch

Installed on the LBV shoulder pad back by two ALICE clips, can’t find the P/N either, seems to be a custom item.

Knife Sheath Deluxe

Red name “Kelly” wrote on the back side, used by “Kelly” (Howie Long), but this item seems not been carried on him.

But some other character used it: a killed search team member in the canyon ambush scene.

Items provided by G.I.’s friend.