Armour of America TP-1E Body Armor

(Description copied from archived official website)

The TP-1E ballistic vest is provided with a coccyx extension that works in conjunction with the four nylon tension bands to provide lower back support as well as ballistic protection.

The neck tab extends up the spine to protect against trauma impacts and fragmentation when the wearer is in the prone position.

The back hard armour rifle insert pocket is a bellows design that permits full movement of the shoulder blades when the arms are extended, for climbing or firing a shoulder-fired weapon.

The TP-1E ballistic vest is a proven veteran of Naval Special Warfare combat in the Persian Gulf.

No vest in the world has faced as much testing as did the TP-1E during AoA’s customer development stages.

Our TP-1E was tested by Special Operations Military personnel while scuba diving, parachuting, rappelling, climbing rocks and boarding nets, firing weapons from all over the world, and anything else a SEAL might be called upon to do.

The TP-1E utilizes Kevlar®, however, the same design is available with Allied Fiber’s Spectra®, and we call it the TP-2E. Our customers simply call either model the best military Special Operations ballistic vest in the world.

This is the only ballistic vest manufactured by Armour of America that is only offered in one level of ballistic protection-steel jacketed lead core 9mm sub-machine gun fire. Our twenty years of ballistics research has shown that this is the greatest ballistic threat any soft flexible material can defeat. Once we determined that fact, we established this as the minimum level of protection that should be offered to military Special Operations personnel.

The shape and coverage of the TP-1E and the TP-2E was determined by field operations personnel from military Special Operations, not a research lab or a committee; and feature closure systems that never open by accident or during hand to hand combat.

Panel overlap that is determined by usage; back overlapping the front for “kill house training” and protection against accidental discharge by the person behind you; the front panel overlapping the back panel for combat; safety locking shoulder straps for jungle missions and quick disconnect for water borne operations.

Brand Armour of America
Item Name TP-1E Body Armor
Color Black
Part Number (acquired)
Date 1990s
Reference Link (outdated)

Front plate
Back plate