Low Ride Adaptor For Pouch

Innovation/Author: Beta-TNT


As the summer comes, anything which you stuffed in your pants pocket makes you feeling bad. If you don’t want to wear a satchel or backpack, fanny pack or belt pouch is your only option. But this will cause another problem: if you install your belt pouch in the front, it will jam against your belly while you are bending or riding bicycle (especially for the over-weighted). If you install it on the backside, it will make an awkward bulge in your garment. How can we solve this?

I came up an idea: a low-ride belt pouch. Low ride means the top edge of the pouch is even or lower than your belt bottom edge, but little higher than a thigh rig. There also other position like mid ride and high ride. The advantage of low-ride pouch is that the pouch can flip as your body bends or moves, and will be not longer jamming your belly.

Safailand’s conception: low ride, mid ride, high ride.

Long before Safariland, low-ride conception had widely accepted and used in the military individual equipment.

Wire-hooked pouches are designed to be low-ride.

M-1916 Leather Holster

M-1942 First Aid Pouch
Not only the American, but also the British

Australia SASR Webbings used in the Vietnam War. Notice the magazine pouches. Source:Australian War Memorial

SAS L1A1 SLR Magazine Pouch
MOLLE II Leg Extender and M-12 Holster. It’s a thigh rig, not a low ride.

Shit Idea: Low Ride MOLLE Panel

I believe every reader of this blog has some MOLLE/MALICE pouches, and part of you guys tried to use them for EDC uses. MOLLE/MALICE pouches are born to be belt-compatible. But it’s little hard to make them low ride. So, naturally, the first idea jumped into my mind is to make a low ride MOLLE panel.

and, yes, I DID made one

But after I made one, I felt that I was an idiot. MOLLE pouch always has attaching strap(s) on the back, all I need to do is to find something like belt keeper with a ring, the panel is totally a waste.


For Traditional MOLLE Pouch: Belt Keepers And Cord Rings

If you want to carry a MOLLE pouch at low ride position, belt keepers with ring will help, only if the ring is big enough for the attaching straps getting through.

My choice is Czech Leather Belt Keeper, it has a big rectangle ring (Pouch: Pantac Molle Multipurpose Pouch, P/N: PH-C894)

Well, if you don’t want to pay for additional costs, several 550 cord rings will do the trick.

Tell me you have 550 cords, right? (Pouch: Eagle Industries FSBE II Frag Grenade Pouch, P/N: MC-FGC-1-MS-COY, NSN: 8464-01-516-7967)


For MALICE Pouch: Sternum Buckle Show

Left: Magforce /Maxpedition Volta™ Battery Pouch, P/N: #1809. Right: Magforce /Maxpedition TacTile Pocket – Small, P/N: #0223

MALICE Pouches have removable attaching straps (loops). There is a way using MALICE pouch at low ride position is hanging the pouch with its own attaching loops at its top strap. But the disadvantage is that the attaching loop is hard, keeping the pouch from flipping. So even we can treat them as normal MOLLE pouches with their attaching loops installed, there also a way removing the loops.

The secret is quick attach sternum strap buckle.

I bet you never thought this! Self made low ride strap loops for MALICE pouch. Hardware: Duraflex Sternum Quik Attach Sternum Strap Adjuster, Size: 25MM-20MM, P/N: 1-10014

With a quick attach sternum strap buckle, you can make your own low ride rigger for MALICE pouch. The photo shows the usage.

There is an alternative solution with dual sternum buckle, makes a easier installation.

Hardware: Duraflex Sternum Dual Sternum Strap Adjuster Sliplok, Size: 20MM-20MM, P/N: 1-16041

Thanks to the diversified demands, you can even buy a sternum strap buckle which is integrated with a side-release buckle, I used it for quick detachment mechanism.

Pouch: PSIGEAR Sunglasses Soft Case, Size: M, P/N: PS06027-M. Hardware: Duraflex Xlite Quik Attach Xlite® Strap Adjuster Buckle, Size: 25MM-20MM, P/N: 1-30253


For Belt Pouch

As for the ordinary belt pouch with fixed or openable belt loop, gear accessory like knife extension will do the trick.

Original SOE Knife Extension

The point is, whether the belt loop is openable or not, it always works.

Pouch adapter made by a British leather brand named “Beaver Bushcraft & Leather”

Of course, at the bottom line, 550 cords are always at your side!