Model 1876 McKeever Cartridge Box (Rock Island Arsenal, 1903)

Model 1876 McKeever Cartridge Box

The McKeever cartridge box is named for its designer, First Lieutenant Samuel McKeever of the US 2nd Infantry Regiment. It was originally designed in 1874 and continued to be used in various calibers and styles by the US Army till 1910. There is a bellows made of webbing behind each row of .45-70 caliber Government cartridges, so the rows will incline forward slightly when opened to allow easy extraction. The hinge is a simple brass rod passing under the two sections, connected at the ends. The bulge in the side to make space for a small tool for disassembling the rifle.

Shown one manufactured by Rock Island Arsenal, 1903.


No available stock number.

Item provided by G.I.’s friend.