TAS Chest System Assaulter VI Chest Rig

The chest rig is known as “TAS- CSA IV” – TAS Chest System Assaulter IV, “IV” means 4 pouches for store the rifle magazines. Back Pack, BPS – Back Pocket System. According to the introduction by the TAS, during the “Operation ENDURING FREEDOM”, the ODA Team members are scare in the gear supplying, so some of the team members placed an custom order to the gear manufacturer for themselves, this chest system is produced as the ODA’s members’ requirement.

Brand TAS (full name acquired)
Item Name Chest System Assaulter VI (TAS-CSA VI)
Color Woodland
Part Number (acquired)
Date 2000s
Reference Link https://www.onesixthwarriors.com/threads/review-a-c-e-sfod-delta-part-iii.73498/

“Ronin” Tu Lam during his service in the SFOD.