A Smart Way Attaching Gears To Your Sling Firmly

– and without sewing or cutting!

Inventor: Beta-TNT


In some situation, we want to have small pouches or something else attached to the sling in front the of chest, so that we can have a accelerated access to our cellphone, wallet or passport (and no need to worry they may be stolen). But in most cases, the sling may have its both ends sewn in the bag and we can’t open it unless we cut and re-sew it, or more common situation, the sling is connected to the bag by hooks or buckles, we still have no way installing additional buckle without cutting it open.

Eagle Industries Courier Bag is always my favorite messager bag, but its sling is sew-in and no way to open it.
More common situation, the sling is connecting to the bag by buckles or hooks, you can take it off, but you can’t add another buckle without cutting and re-sewing it.

This requirement made me thinking, and finally I came out with a perfect solution! There is a way attaching gears to your sling firmly without cutting or sewing, which only needs standard buckle product combination that you can buy from any market!

The only things you need are some tri glide buckles of your sling width and lockable open loop buckles, like ITW Nexus Grimloc, Duraflex Siamese SLIK CLIP Series, Duraflex Snap-On Series, Duraflex Gatekeeper Series or any buckles with split bar.

Possible options

Follow the steps:

  • Step 1: place the tri glide buckle on the position where you want to attach thing, fold the sling and make the folded part through one of the split.

  • Step 2: make the folded sling part through another  split, so that you get a small loop

  • Step 3: lock the loop with the lockable loop buckles, and stretch the sling hard. Then you get a stable attachment point on your sling.

  • Step 4: if you want to attach a pouch, do it again to the other side, then you can install your pouch on the sling firmly. For most pouches, there are webbing loops on their backs or sides, use them wisely.

Perfect for installing MOLLE or MALCE pouches
You can even tame your naughty shoulder pad from sliding with same method

Simple but useful, isn’t it?